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Penson - (Asgarby - Lincolnshire)
Searching for any info regarding Sarah Ann Penson, b. circa 1850; married Andrew Thornley of Partney, they moved to Old Bolingbroke. Thanks!
Family Surnames: Penson
Thornley - (Asgarby - Lincolnshire)
Searching for any info regarding Sarah b. circa 1850; married Andrew Thornley (1872/3?) of Partney, they moved to Old Bolingbroke. Thanks!
Family Surnames: Thornley
Cowling - (Ashby - Lincolnshire)
Searching for any information on the family of my GGrandmother Sarah Maria Clark formerly COWLING born Crowle, Lincolnshire 1863 any information would be wonderful as I know very little. Parents John COWLING, (b. 1825 Reedness) married Amelia (b. 1827) in Crowle. I have them on the 1901 census in Ashby, Lincs. Interested in hearing from any descendants of this couple.
Family Surnames: Cowling, Clark
Metcalfe - (Ashby - Lincolnshire)
We are seeking information on family members from:- Ashby Lincolnshire:- Metcalfe ( Arthur Keal Metcalfe DOB 1883) Ashby Lincolnshire:- Metcalfe (George Metcalfe DOB 1874 Born Hibaldstow Lincs)
Family Surnames: Metcalfe
Hollingsworth - (Ashby - Lincolnshire)
Think there are some Hollingsworths who were the children or grandchildren of John Hollingsworth, b. 1768 and christened in Frodingham, were borth or lived in Ashby. John appears to have married twice. His first wife was Sarah, surname unknown, had three children who I think survived her. His second wife was Mary Glover, b 1780, who he married in 1801, and she had 9 children. Their granddaughter Susannah, b.1857, married Charles Edwin Fowlston and was the mother of my grandfather Edgar Breasley. I am looking also for people related to her six children. I am in contact with persons related to Charles Edwin and Sidney. Would like to find relatives from the fourth son Frank (born Francis)and daughters Mabel (who I know died in New Jersey USA) and Nellie (Eleanor).
Family Surnames: Hollingsworth, Hollinsworth, Hollingworth, Hollinworth, Hollenworth
Everitt's in Fenby - (Ashby cum Fenby - Lincolnshire)
Simon Everitt came to Virginia sometime between his birth in 1657, and his marriage to Ann Turner in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, in 1690, south of Norfolk, Va. That area was a colony of dissenters: Puritans, Baptists, and Quakers. His grandson, Thomas, named one of his sons 'Femby', which is an alternate spelling for Fenby. Naming people for ancestors and locations is a common thing in the culture of the American Southeast; so there is some indication that Simon's family may have come from that town. I'm interested in any information on the Everitt family in Fenby in particular, and Lincolnshire in particular. For one thing, the name Everitt / Everett appears to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon 'ebeorhart', which means 'heart like a wild boar'. As Frey, whose totem was a boar, seems to have been worshipped in that area of England, I'd like to know if there are other connections between Frey, the boar, and the Everitt family. Thanks
Family Surnames: Everitt Everett
James Keith Robinson - (Ashby cum Fenby - Lincolnshire)
i am looking for any information on James Keith Robinson born Grimsby 1937his father was George Robinson born Ashby Cum Fenby sept1899 his father was William Thomas Robinson born Swinhope in 1862 and his father was Thomas born Bratolf 1929
Family Surnames: Robinson
Sarah Shields (nee Johnson) b. 1856 - (Ashby de la Launde - Lincolnshire)
Looking to find marriage record of Sarah Johnson to Thomas Shields in approx. 1880. She was born in Ashby de la Launde, he in Scarborough, Yorks. Trying to determine who was Thomas's mother.
Family Surnames: Johnson And Shields
Richardson - (Aslackby - Lincolnshire)
William Richardson was born in Aslackby around 1798. Any information to share regarding siblings or parents will be welcomed.
Family Surnames: Richardson
Descendants of Clark family - (Aslackby - Lincolnshire)
I'm searching for any information on the descendants of the brothers and sisters of my great grandfather Thomas Clark, born in 1869 son of William and Anne. A large family all born in the Dowsby/Semperingham/Rippingale/Aslackby area over a number of generations. Thomas moved to Derbyshire in the 1890's. Siblings were Mary-Ann, Sarah, William, George, Georgina/(Harriet?).
Family Surnames: Clark
Philip Louth and daughter Ellen - (Aslackby - Lincolnshire)
Ellen Louth my grandmother born Aslackby 1864 her father was Philip he was a shepherd, has anyone any conections.
Thomas Louth, - (Aslackby - Lincolnshire)
Am looking for connections to Thomas Louth, not Philip, a shepherd and father of Ellen born Aslackby 1864.
GADSBY FAMILY - particularly Florence(Emma) - (Aslackby - Lincolnshire)
Looking for any information on Gadsby Family who came from Aslackerby, North Rauceby area. They were ag labs although one son joined the army and another the police force mid C19th. Special interest in Florence(Emma) who was adopted. Can anyone help!!! Thankyou.
Faulkners In Asterby - (Asterby - Lincolnshire)
Looking for info on a Faulkner family from Asterby and surrounding area 1800's
Family Surnames: Faulkner
Rev.Dr Henry Southwell - (Asterby - Lincolnshire)
Produced the Universal family bible while he was rector of Asterby 1785
Family Surnames: Southwell
Richard Houghton - (Aubourn - Lincolnshire)
Looking for details of the wife of Richard Houghton who was born c 1799 in Aubourn. I am also trying to find his parents - possibly another Richard with wife Mary. Any help much appreciated.
Family Surnames: Houghton
William March - (Aunby - Lincolnshire)
Any information on William March Born Aunby Abt 1807
Family Surnames: March
Wright: Robert - (Aylesby - Lincolnshire)
Seeking information on Robert Wright (my great grandfather) baptized 15.3.1830 Aylesby, Lincs. Married Eliza Southwell 13.5.1857 Langriville, Lincs. Known children, Aaron b.1858 Laceby, Mary Ann b.1860 Laceby, Joseph b.1863 Ashby-cum-Fenby. On 1871 census Robert's occupation is groom. None of the family, with the exception of Aaron, can be found on the 1881 census.
Family Surnames: Wright
Holderness/Warfe - (Bag Enderby - Lincolnshire)
I'm looking for infomation about William Holderness He married a Susanna Warfe from Halton Holegate, they where married at Bag Enderby 11 May 1761 and raised a Family there. What I'm looking for where he was born. The nearest I can get is Great Gonerby 1726, but I have no proof that is him. John
Family Surnames: Holderness, Warfe
Searching For Bardney Families - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
I have some info on Fountain's from Bardney but would love to find more. I also have some on a Turner family and a Moody family and again would like to find more. Dates start from 1750
Family Surnames: Fountain Turner Moody
Jesse Todd - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
Looking for any informations regarding Jesse Todd who was born in 1831. He married Mary Capewell and had 5 children. Any informations would be welcomed. Danielle
Family Surnames: Todd
Drabys - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
Any information regarding the members of the Draby family who lived in Bardney in the 1870's and 80's John Draby worked on the railway,before moving to Fiskerton in the late 1880's
Willey family from Bardney - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
My great x 4 grandparents were Benjamin Willey born 1779 and Rebecca Vickers born 1776. They were married in Bardney in 1801 and had 9 children all born in Bardney, Ann 1801, John 1803, Mary 1804, Maria b1807/d1808, Maria 1808, Emmanuel 1811, William 1812 (my great x 3 grandfather) Charlotte 1815 & Sarah 1817. William born 1812 married Lucy Fenwick in 1836 in Bardney and they are both buried in St Lawrence Church, Bardney.William & Lucy had 14 children, John 1837 (my great x 2 grandfather) Sarah 1839, Harriet 1841, Henry 1842, Eliza 1843, Amy 1846, Joseph 1847, George 1849, Solomon b1850/d54, Frank 1852, Miriam b1853/d1854, Solomon b/d 1855, Solomon b/d 1857, Miriam born 1859. John born 1837 (my great x 2 grandfather) married Mary Atkins in 1859 and they had 4 children, George born 1862 (my great-grandfather), Sarah Ann born 1867, Emily born 1868 & Betsy-Ann born 1872. Please contact me if any of these names are familiar to you.
Family Surnames: Willey, Vickers, Fenwick, Atkins
William H HALL - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
William H Hall was born Bardney Lincoln in 1857 looking for any ancestory
Family Surnames: Hall
Todd Info - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
Looking for any info on the following three daughters of Jesse Todd brn 1831 at Bardney: Elizabeth, brn 1859 at Bardney, Ellen brn 1861, and Mary Ann, brn 1873 at Gautby. Any info appreciated. Many thanks, Richard
Family Surnames: Todd
Willey family - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
I have several Willey family ancestors with first names such as William, Joseph, Mary, Ann, John, and Sarah. The time periods are extremely similar.
Family Surnames: Willey
The Phillips Family. - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
Looking for members of the Phillips family who lived in Bardney during the 17th and 18th century.Particularly descendants of Thomas and Rebecca Phillips. They had children, Eustace, Susanna, Rebecca, Thomas, John and Jonathan.
Family Surnames: Phillips
dawson - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for information on any dawsons that lived in bardney, I know that some lived on Silver Street, and others at The Ferry.
Family Surnames: Dawson
Denton, Hammer, Hickson - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
James William DENTON was born in Bardney in 1862. His father was William DENTON, son of Jonathan and Frances Swaby DENTON. His mother was born Mary HAMMER. She first married David HICKS (also known as David HARRISON and David HICKSON), then married William DENTON. I'd like to know when and where her first husband David and her second husband William died. In 1866 or 1867, Mary, her daughter Elizabeth Hickson and her son James William Denton came to the US. I don't know if William Denton came with them.
Family Surnames: Denton, Hammer, Hickson
Dixon family - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
Searching for any information regarding William Dixon & Elizabeth Fenwick. They're children were: John 1769, William 1773, Sarah 1775, Mary 1778, Thomas 1781, James 1782. My main branch comes from James who married a certain Eleanor. He had 9 children: Elizabeth (1803), Marian (1804), Mary (1807), Harriot (1810), Lucy (1812), William (1814), Isabella (1816), Henry Rylett(1819), Elizabeth 1821, Ann (1823) and Henry (1828). The one named Maria married Jesse Todd (3X gr.grandparents) and Lucy who married John Turner (also 3X gr. grandparents) so one less branch to search....;-) Any information regarding this family will be welcome. Danielle
Family Surnames: Dixon
OId photo's of Bardney - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
Looking for any old copies of photo's of Bardney. My great x 3 grandfather William Willey born 1812, died 1891, was the village shoemaker. Happy to pay any expenses involved. Thanks.
Bardney Lock House William and Henry Hall - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
William Hall Born Abt 1801 was lock keeper at Bardney 1841 and 1851. His son Henry Arthur Hall was lock keeper in 1861.Looking for anyone with info about the Halls or the lock house.
Family Surnames: Hall
Pollington - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for relatives and records for the Pollingtons, Charles Reginold and Robert James both of whom are mentioned on the Bardney War Memorial (WW1). Also anyone know of a Lowther House in Bardney, (their father was called Lowther Pollington). Thanks
Family Surnames: Pollington
Dinnis/Dennis - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
James Dinnis born c 1749 married Rebecca Rayson in Bardney on 13th April 1773. She gave him 6 children all christened in Bardney. He then married Sarah Rutley in 1750 and they had another 4 children, but the surname to registered as Dennis. I would be interested in gathering/sharing more information on this family. Bernie
Family Surnames: Dinnis, Dennis, Rayson, Rutley
Dixon - Bardney, Lincolnshire - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
I have photos of Seth Dixon who was my mothers first husband. Her name was Jenni Bass. Seth had 2 brothers who served in the first world war and one was killed and his name is on the War Memorial in Bardney. I am trying to trace any relatives of Seth's so I can forward on the photos, if anyone can help I'd appreciate it as I hate to throw photos away.
Family Surnames: Dixon
Black Horse Inn - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
My great grandmother Kate Maddison was 16 when the 1891 census recorded she lived at the pub - with her father John Maddison, mother Fannie Maddison and 9 brothers and sisters - Herbert (21), Emma, Fred, Ethel, Jack, Richard, Charles, Mary and Jessie (1). I have seen references to other Maddisons and am interested in finding out more. I am still working on how Kate from Bardney met my great grandfather Charles Henry Lund from Bradford.
Family Surnames: Maddison
Goodyear - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
George Goodyear b 1810-1886 was a publican at the Red Lion in 1871 census married to Martha(nee Straw but married JohnAistrop before George) George had been married to Sarah Pask previously. I' d love to know who George's parents are? Any clues would be helpful
Family Surnames: Goodyear
Allison and Dixon families Bardney - (Bardney - Lincolnshire)
I am currently researching the Allison and Dixon families who lived in Bardney in the 1800 and 1900's particularly those of William and Matilda Allison and Martha and William Dixon. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who is also researching these families.
Family Surnames: Allison, Dixon
Barholm, Wilsthorpe - (Barholm - Lincolnshire)
Looking for descendants of George William & Millicent Banks (Married c 1838). They had children George, Millicent, Sarah, Charles & Charlotte. They farmed at Barholm.
Family Surnames: Banks
Berridge Family - (Barholm - Lincolnshire)
Looking for any information on Berridge family who lived here 1881 census time. Father John Henry, Mother Mary and four children. Charles, Susan Florence, James and Henry
Family Surnames: Berridge
WATSON.HILTON - (Barkston - Lincolnshire)
Lewis Watson born 1792 ,Father Lewis,Mother Lucy.Lewis junior married Sarah Hilton and thy had 8 kids all born in Dunham,Notts
Family Surnames: Watson.Hilton
WRIGHT, John & BARTRAM, Elizabeth - (Barkston - Lincolnshire)
John WRIGHT, (1786-1858) & Elizabeth BARTRAM (1792-1874)were married in Barkston in 1813. John was the son of John WRIGHT & Catherine CARTER and Elizabeth, the daughter of Solomon BARTRAM & Ann BLACK. John & Elizabeth had 1 son and 8 daughters. The son, John WRIGHT (1830-1905) married a Mary Ann SCOTT (1831-1922)They and their 8 children emigrated to North America by 1870 settling first in Illinois, USA, than on to Ontario, Canada. I have considerable information on this 1 son, John and his wife Mary Ann but would like to expand my database on his eight sisters all born in Barkston. Some knowledge is already available on each one of them. Willing to share and exchange information with interested and serious researchers of this family.
Family Surnames: Wright, Bartram, Carter, Black, Scott
Perrin / Ashworth - (Barlings - Lincolnshire)
Looking for info on Sarah Jane Perrin or Ashworth born abt 1868 in Barlings, married James
Family Surnames: Ashworth, Perrin
William Espin - (Barlings - Lincolnshire)
Any info on William Espin born in Barlings in about 1760 married firlsty to Elizabeth Longmate and secondly to Lucy Brown
Family Surnames: Espin
GEORE HAVERCROFT - (Barnetby le Wold - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for this man and his relatives, he was a great great great grandad through my dads' side. He owned a farm, Wootton Dale Farm House and had a daughter Fanny who married William Campbell Wood
Family Surnames: Havercroft
ROGERS - (Barnetby le Wold - Lincolnshire)
Looking for Thomas Rogers a maltster married to Mary. Also his father Joseph Rogers and wife Sarah. They were living in Barnetby around the 1880s
Family Surnames: Rogers
Draper-Barnoldby Le Beck - (Barnoldby le Beck - Lincolnshire)
Seeking information on all Drapers in Barnoldby Le Beck and surrounding area
Family Surnames: Draper
history / parish records - (Barnoldby le Beck - Lincolnshire)
tracing connections of the ' waters ' family
Family Surnames: Waters
Austin Families - (Barrow Haven - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for descendents of GEORGE AUSTIN ( Brickyard Labourer c. 1823 – 1902 ) who settled in Barrow on Humber about 1880 and lived there until his death . His wife was HANNAH , nee STAMPER ( b. Malton , Yorks 1828 – 1914 ). Three of his sons , JOSEPH , ROBERT and WILLIAM , moved to Hull before 1901 leaving JOHN ( Brickmaker , b. Laxton 1857 ) and TOM OGLESBY ( Brickyard Labourer b.Winterton 1868 ) in Barton and Barrow respectively . There were also 2 daughters ANN ELLEN and ANNIE ELIZABETH whose marriages & whereabouts are unknown
Family Surnames: Austin
WOODS OF BARROW ON HUMBER - (Barrow upon Humber - Lincolnshire)
I am looking for my family, my dads' side, the Woods who lived in Barrow on Humber. My dads' grandad was called William Wood although he used the name Campbell Wood also. I think they owned a farm and knew people at Sandpit Farm. They were friends with the Bonds and the Sargeants.I think William Wood married a lady whose surname was Park.
Family Surnames: Wood
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