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Acklington ... Allendale Town
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Parents of Robert Bertram James - (Acklington - Northumberland)
I would like to hear from anyone who might know these people, Robert was born 1820 in North Shields, that is unfortunately all I have, so if anyone could help I would appreciate it. Thanking you in advance. John
Family Surnames: James
Grieves - (Acklington - Northumberland)
Looking for information on the Grieves family especially Gideon, who was born Acklington in 1828.
Family Surnames: Grieves, Greaves
presbyterian baptisms - (Acklington - Northumberland)
does anyone know the nearest pres chapel to acklington c1830?
Family Surnames: Blake
Edith Annie Hill - (Acklington - Northumberland)
Edith Annie Hill was born c 1881. Her father was Robert Charles Hill, a butler, who left Acklington to become a butler at Chilworth Manor near Romsey, Hampshire. Edith Annie was married to James Kitcher on April 17 1902 at Chilworth, and in the 1911 census was recorded as living at The Kennels, Chilworth Manor, Chilworth. I would be pleased to hear from any descendants of the Hill family who might be able to supply photographs or other information about the Hill.
Family Surnames: Hill
Hannah Proud, Ferguson Stirling, Thomas Howard - (Acomb - Northumberland)
I am looking for anyone researching Hannah Proud born at Acomb on the 8/September/1820 and christened at Humshaugh-Northumberland 17 Sep 1820, she was base born to Hannah Proud of Acomb, her mother married Thomas Howard a tailor at Houghton le Spring-County Durham in 1826 and Hannah 2nd lived with them until her own marriage t George Bell Anderson at Houghton-le-Spring in 1844 and on the marriage certificate her father is given as Ferguson Stirling a weaver and Thomas Howard is a witness. From evidence that I have gathered I am of the opinion that Ferguson Stirling is her biological father despite him being married to her mothers sister!!. I am interested in hearing from anyone researching any of these folk including Thomas Howard born about 1781 and not in County Durham but probably Northumberland.
Family Surnames: Proud, Stirling, Howard
Henderson Jane nee Murray - (Acomb - Northumberland)
looking for information on jane Henderson born Acomb about1840 married James Murray hexham about the late 1850's james was a cartman and also a cowkeper in the Hexham area.1881 census list them living broad gates Hexham
Family Surnames: Henderson
hannah steele - (Acomb - Northumberland)
iam looking for informtion regarding hannah steele who was born in st john lee 1808 ish she later married james hogarth at warden 1833 trying to find out if she was married before james , she was a bit older than him,
Thomas John Mills - (Acomb - Northumberland)
Thomas was born in 'Mariners Cottage', Acomb, in 1864. He married Margaret Anne Pallett, from Newcastle in 1888. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has any family history about either. Neil.
Family Surnames: Mills
Slevin - Acomb, Northumberland - (Acomb - Northumberland)
I am looking for information on Margaret Slevin, widow of John, who died at Howford, Acomb 1928, aged 84. Where was Howford? Is there a link to Howford Lane or Howford house? E. Wilkinson form the Post Office was present at her death.
Family Surnames: Slevin
charlton - (Acomb - Northumberland)
Am looking for descendents of any Ellison Charltons, whose family originated in the village of Birtley Northumberland
Family Surnames: Charlton
Rewcastle/Elliott/richinson - (Acomb - Northumberland)
Rewcastle line back to 1500's all in Acomb. Various marriages. All info gladly received Regards Jo
Family Surnames: Rewcastle, Elliott, Richinson
Hedley - (Acomb - Northumberland)
William Hedley born in Acomb 1799 went to live in Gateshead as a Saddler 1841 cencus would appreciate details of parents
Family Surnames: Hedley
Ward - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
The Ward Family l am resercing Starts in Allendale in 1762When Johna Ward was Born in Coalceugh Allendale.He Married Jane Bell B Abt.1762 Married Dec 09 1786 They Had a son JamesWard B.1793at Ninebanks/Allendale Who Married Sarha Snath B Nov16 1788at The STOB.The had 2 sons Jonah Snaith Ward B1821 at Allendale Who Married RachellBell Born in 1823 married March 23 1871 at ninebanks allendale Whom had 7 children Strarting with JonahWard B July 18 1847 Carrshields Allendale/George B April02 1848Ninebanks Allendale./James Ward B April 08 1845 Carshields/William Ward B 1852 Carrshields/Isabella Ward B Aug.05 1856 /Mary(Mamie)Ward B July 1859 in Carrsheild Allendale/ Thomas Bell Ward B June 16 1861 in Carrshields Allendale.......William Snaith Ward B May 18 1830 in Carrshields Allendale no more info on wlliam so far
Family Surnames: Ward
Pigg - Robinson - Allendale - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Looking for information regarding Henry Pigg who married Caroline Robinson on 21.04.1821 in Allendale, Northumberland. I know of them only having one child, John, but they may have had others.
Family Surnames: Pigg - Robinson - Allendale
Graham family Allendale - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
John Graham married Elizabeth Rowell in 1834 in Allendale Their son Joseph born c1847 came to Zew Zealend where he married MaryAnne Bowman who was also born in Allendale 13 Nov 1861 Anyone out there also tracing the same families?
Family Surnames: Graham,Bowman
Parker, Blair, Dixon and Burn - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I am researching a number of Allendale families. The Parkers were lead ore smelters and farmers, initially at Catton village before Joseph Parker settled at Low Mill in Allendale in the early 1840s. The family continued farming there until 1953. Another Joseph married Mary Ellen Dixon in 1874; her father Robert Dixon was formerly schoolmaster at Sinderhope but latterly a butcher in Allendale Town and succeeded by his sons including Isaac Dixon who was a butcher in the town until the late 1920s. Joseph Arthur Parker married Mary Blair in 1904. The Blairs farmed in Allendale and Catton. John Blair and family lived at Oak Pool from 1822 until 1874; their son Matthew was a famous northern wrestler in his youth, farmed at High Sunnyside in Catton and was later an Overseer and Parish Councillor in Allendale. His wife Isabella Burn was the daughter of Johnson Burn who ran the Three Tuns in Allendale from 1834 until 1865 and then the Golden Lion in the market place. I would be pleased to share information with anyone else researching these families.
Family Surnames: Parker, Blair, Dixon, Burn
Thomas Ward & Frances Vickers - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I have Thomas Ward married to Frances Vickers. Thomas was christened 1 Apr 1773 in Ninebanks, and Frances was christened 12 Jan 1794 in Allendale. They were married 1810 in Allendale. I am trying to find out where Thomas came from. I have a possible father named Joseph, but I can't verify that. They had 10 children. Frances' father was Thomas Vickers and her mother was Jane Ashman. I can't go back any farther. Thos. and Jane had at least 3 children.
Family Surnames: Ward, Vickers, Ashman
Hetherington - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Looking for, and have info on the following families from the Allendale area from 1698 to present. Hetherington, Birket, Craig, Lee, Hutchinson, Forster,Curry, Emerson,and Davison.
Family Surnames: Hetherington, Birket, Craig, Lee, Hutchinson, Forster, Curry, Emerson, Davison
Parker's of Allendale - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I am researching the Parkers of Allendale my GG grandfather Thomas was a lead ore smelter in Allendale his son was a lead ore washer. Thomas Parker's son Robinson settled in Catton. I would be greatful for any information that you may have an I am willing to share what I have.
Family Surnames: Parker
Rowells of Allendale - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Looking to share information on the Rowell Family in the Allendale District. Lead Miners.
Family Surnames: Rowell
family - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I'm looking for any info on these family's MAUGHAN THIRLWELLS all from ALLENDALE area Thank you
Family Surnames: Maughan Thirlwells
RITSON MARY - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Mary was one of six(Elizabeth, John, Francis, William and Hannah) born to William Ritson, and she was born in November, 1739. In 1763 she married John Harle at Hexham.
Family Surnames: Ritson
Hutchinson Family - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Looking for information about a Hutchinson family from Allendale.
Family Surnames: Hutchinson
dawson - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I am looking for details of the Dawson family -- Lead Ore Washers and miners in the 1800's
Family Surnames: Dawson
Bowman William - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Looking for info on a William Bowman born in Allendale 1.10.1770. I understand he married a Mary Coates in Haltwhistle on 11.9.1797. His occupation was a gardener. He may have moved to Birtley in Durham soon after the marriage
Family Surnames: Bowman
Johnson - Allendale and Skelton - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Anthony Johnson b.1870 Allendale, Northumberland married Margaret York. Living in Skelton(1901 census). Father believed to be Anthony Johnson b.1831, farmer of Stoney Law, Allendale (1881 census). Hoping to find more information about parents and grandparents, particularly any connection with the name Riley.
Family Surnames: Johnson, Riley
Phillipson - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I've just found that I'm connected to this family by marriage they seem to be a well known family in Allendale wonder if there is still any living in Allendale
Family Surnames: Phillipson
Thomas Sparke Dixon - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I, too, am searching for information about the Dixon family, but my specific interest is in Thomas Sparke Dixon, my maternal grandfather, born 7th Nov.1878,at Kitty Green Allendale. If anyone has personal knowledge of him, I would be glad to know. He worked as a leadminer in Allendale before moving to Gateshead sometime prior to 1901.
Family Surnames: Dixon,Sparke.
Allendale Family - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I'm looking into my Aunt's family who came from Allendale Who is Short and Swindle
Family Surnames: Short , Swindle
Ridley Shoemakers - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
John Ridley born 1817 Allendale married Elizabeth Harrison in 1839. His father ,also John Ridley,listed as Shoemaker (entries also in Trade Directories of period) married Elizabeth Hutchinson in 1810. Related family names are Nevin, Tingate,Fairlam and Nicholson.
Family Surnames: Ridley
Ridley/Rowell - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Looking for info on William Ridley born 1774 Bywell Northumberland who married Hannah Rowell in 1799 in Allendale. Any info on the Rowells?
Family Surnames: Ridley, Rowell
Lead Ore Miners - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Looking for more information on Sarah Bright born circa 1796 Allendale daughter of Geo and Sarah Bright.
Family Surnames: Bright
Joseph Hewitson - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I am researching my father's family. I have got as far as Joseph Hewitson, born 1803 and died 1865, he married Margaret Archer on 17.4.1829. Anyone know who Joseph's parents were?
Family Surnames: Hewitson
Allendale - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Interested in the Graham and Parker families. Searching for link to Ainsley Parker born around 1921 Sinderhope
Family Surnames: Graham, Parker,
Ann Bell from Allendale - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Looking for any information on Ann Bell from Allendale born in 1811 who married William elliott in 1827 in Bywell St Peter. Any information of her family appreciated
Family Surnames: Bell Elliott
Thomas Robson/Mary Ann Thirlwell - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I am seeking information on the above family from Sinderhope, Allendale Town. They emigrated to New Zealand in 1880 with 9 of their children. Has anyone got information on Thomas' family prior to his marriage. One of his children was Harriet born in 1871. She married George Duncan Gillan in New Zealand. Harriet was my grandmother. Thanks Marilyn
Family Surnames: Robson/Thirlwell
Varty - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I am researching both the Varty and Tingate families who originated from Allendale. John Verty (Varty) married Sarah Tingate and Isaac Varty married Elizabeth Tingate. Willing to share
Family Surnames: Varty,Tingate
Ritson Family - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I am researching details of the Ritson family who lived at Lonkley Head, Allendale. Joseph Ritson married Jane Pattison, and they had daughters Hannah Mary Sarah and Jane. Jane was born 1803, and married Joseph Maughan. Their first two children Jane and Ann were born at Lonkley Head, Allendale. Jane was widowed, and emigrated to Australia with her daughter Sarah Maughan and Sarah's children. Can anyone help with details of this family.
Family Surnames: Ritson Maughan
Summers JOHNSON, born 1853, Catton - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Summers Johnson was born in 1853 to John Johnson and Ann GLENWRIGHT; in 1876 Summers married Hannah BELL, daughter of John Bell and Elizabeth BROWN. I would like to share information with any other researchers with an interest in this family.
Family Surnames: Johnson, Bell
Harrison Family - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I am seeking information about the family of Bartholomew Harrison and Elizabeth Stobbs who married at the Methodist Church in Allendale in 1829. Elizabeth is the daughter of William Stobbs and hannah Ritson. Bartholomew is the son of Bartholomew Harrison and Thomasin Horsley
Dixon - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I am researching the DIXON family from Allendale, Northumberland, specifically EMMA. The 1881 Census shows father Henry born 1832, mother Mary 1835 and five children Mary E. 1863, Jane A. 1870, EMMA 1876 (x), Isabella 1878, Thomas (Spark) 1879 (xx).. (x) (EMMA, later in life has two children JOHN METCALF DIXON and VIOLET DIXON. They are the centre of my research!) (xx) whom later appears to marry in Gateshead to a Henrietta. All info would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Dixon
Steele, Doctor in Allendale. - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Does anyone have imformation about Warwick Charles Steele who was a GP in Allendale Town in early 20th century? I am particularly interested in his time in Allendale and his descendents. I am aware that he was previoulsy a surgeon at the St Saviour's infirmary in Southwark and I have some information about his immediate ancestors. Ted
Family Surnames: Steele, Veacock
Allendale Families - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Heslop, Archer, Shield, Phillipson. I have a connection to these families. Any information would be welcome, particularly Heslop.
Family Surnames: Heslop, Archer, Shield, Phillipson
Ridley/Rowell - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Researching Rowell, Ridley and Rewcastle around allendale/Hexham area.
Family Surnames: Rowell
George Hawdon - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
would like any information for George Hawdon married to Isabel of Town Bank Farm Lambley and father of Thomas, George1752 and John 1756
Family Surnames: Parson
ASHMANS OF ALLENDALE - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Seeking any info on John Ashman who married Mary Walton on 17 April 1750 in Allendale area. Names of his parents, date of marriage etc would be gratefully received
Family Surnames: Ashman
Routledge - Graham - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I a researching Elizabeth Routledge, married John Graham circa 1840, lived Wentworth Place. They had a Son, Matthew born 1845 and Elizabeth is believed to have died that same year. Currently seeking death records of Elizabetha nd Matthew's birth records.
Family Surnames: Routledge, Graham
Tom Pigg - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
Tom Pigg (c 1878 - 1943) married Margaret Philipson (C1878). Both from Allendale, Northumberland. Children: Herbert (1909-1980), John, Florence and Molly. Any futher information on Tom and Margaret - their parents/family etc would be greatly appreciated.
Family Surnames: Pigg, Philipson
The Dent Family from Allendale (New Castle) - (Allendale Town - Northumberland)
I am a historian seeking information on Thomas (1746-1811) and Mary (unclear) Dent and (more importantly) their son John Dent (1786-?). any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
Family Surnames: Dent
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