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Fenwick family - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Isabella Fenwick married James Henry (from Morpeth) a sea captain. One of their sons - Fenwick Henry was also a sea captain c.1840. Isabella's father was called Stephenson Fenwick! Any connections to these families?
Family Surnames: Fenwick And Henry
Thomas Corrigan - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Thomas Corrigan came to Newcastle from Ireland and married Mary Ann Henry - daughter of Fenwick Henry, sea captain. Their daughter Jane Ann Corrigan married Henry Colls in London. Any Connections?
Family Surnames: Corrigan And Henry
Findlay or Finlay or Findley - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for Fin*l*y I am looking for any information regarding an Adam and Annie Watson (nee Graham) lived around Elswick or Westgate area in the 1820 - 1920
Family Surnames: Findlay Finlay Findley Finley
Kennedy Peter - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for info on Peter Kennedy. Born abt. 1840 in Newcastle. Married Margaret Nicholson from South Shields. Peter was a coal miner and worked at pits in Co.Durham.
Family Surnames: Kennedy Nicholson
Graham Findley Kettle - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for any information of the Findley family living in Centre street around the 1918 time The Fathers name was Adam and the Mother Annie nee Graham, I think Adams father was also called Adam and Annie came from the Gateshead area
Family Surnames: Graham Findley Kettle
LUDVICK THOMPSON - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I'm looking for my great grandad, His name when born was ludvick, parents name's are George and Isabella Thompson, I think they were related when married, but not sure. Ludvick was born in 1888, and later change his name to Lewis victor Thompson to join the army. I'm now having problem in finding any information, as I live in Lincolnshire.
Family Surnames: Thompson
William Harris - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
William Harris - born Newcastle on Tyne in 1870's Father Alfred (b. Wallingford, Berkshire) mother may be Matilda b. Minervont? Devon. The three of them, Alfred given as 36, Matilda given as 20 and William Henry Harris given as 4 resided in Crowmarsh Gifford, Oxfordshire, in 1881 census.
Family Surnames: Harris
Sydney Smith Green - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Born June 8, 1905 New Castle All Saints Parrish. Father HENRY GREEN mother JANE ANN SHILLINGLAW Brothers EDWARD MUNRO GREEN and THOMAS ALFRED GREEN sister MARY SHILLINGLAW GREEN. My father Sydney immigrated to the Canada in 1929. Any information on familiy members would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Green, Shillinglaw
Hillery or Hellary - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I am looking for information re. my ancestors who lived in Newcastle. My Gt.Gt.Grandfather Denis Hillery (Hellary)was born in Ireland in 1828. He is on record as having married Margaret Greenwell from Tynemouth in 1852. He was in the 21st regiment of Fusiliers and saw active service in the Crimean War. After leaving the Army he settled with his wife at Ratcliffe Court in Stowell Street, Newcastle. I note that there were others with the same name living in the area at the time. Can any one give me more information as to whether there maybe a link between these people and my ancestors. I live at the other end of the country and travel would be a little bit difficult for me. Thank you.
Family Surnames: Hellary,Hillery, Greenwell
Bell and Gibson - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I'm trying to find more information about Ada Bell b.1872. Her father was George Bell, born about 1848 in Newcastle with father David Bell. Her mother was Mary Gibson, born about 1849, also in Newcastle to William Gibson.
Family Surnames: Bell Gibson
Bell Christopher - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Bell Christopher. Looking for Christopher Bell's family. Christopher Bell was born circa 1914-15 and served during WW2 (Army?) and was from Consett at some stage . Christopher was a roofer/steel erector after the war and had at least two sons. Worked in London during the 50's. ....Contact Australian Connection Doug
Family Surnames: Bell
Henry Gardner Brown & Mary Blake - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I am just starting on my family tree and have already hit a brickwall. My grandfather, Henry Gardner Brown was born in the church district of St Oswald Newcastle on 19th Feb 1908 to Henry Gardner Brown(senior) & Kathleen. Henry jnr later married my grandmother Mary Blake on 17th Feb 1934 at the Methodist Church in Felling(Heworth). She was born Mary Elizabeth on 2nd October 1912 @ 19 Hill Street, Newcastle to Edward & Annie Blake (formerly Collinson).They lived at 88 Pretoria Street, Newcastle. Henry & Mary moved to the South in the late 30's early 40's seeking work. They eventually settled in Cranfield Bedfordshire. I would appreciate any info on either of my grandparents. Apparantly my grandmother was taken into the care of 'Banardo's'when she was young, were you there with her????? Pls Pls help.
Family Surnames: Brown Gardner Blake Collinson
Matthew & Jane - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I'm seeking relations of Matthew Laverick b.1818 longbenton,worked as a coalminer at shotton & hetton collierys d.1867,His father was William,also a coalminer, married 28/08/1841 to Jane Greenwood b.1822 berwick on tweed d.1861.Her father Michael was an accountant
Family Surnames: Laverick
gallagher - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
does anyone know the whereabouts of Rita Gallagher oringally from London..only thing I remember about her is she had a son called Kevin who would be about 63 now..Her relations in London are surnames of Brown, Walsh, Carroll.
Family Surnames: Gallagher
trying to find - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
does anyone know the whereabouts of a Rita Gallagher who has a son named Kevin. Rita was originally from the London area and had relations by the names of Walsh Brown and Carroll
Family Surnames: Gallagher
JAMES BARDGETT - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I am trying to obtain information on a James Bardgett who was born in Newcastle upon Tyne in March 1900 as he may be a relative of mine.
Family Surnames: Bardgett
Evelyn Yvonne WILSON - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I am interested in info on the Wilson family who were living in Newcastle when Evelyn was born in 1924.I believe her father was a butcher and that she was one of several children.Unfortunately I do not have her parents names so any info would be much appreciated. After her marriage she settled in Devon but I know nothing of her roots.
Family Surnames: Wilson
Thomson - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Margaret Thomson (born 1889? in Newcastle on Tyne), father Walter TG Thomson (born 1862? in Liverpool) and mother Mary A Thomson (born 1857? in Newcastle on Tyne). Any info on this family would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Thomson
Charles Campbell - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I am trying to trace any information I can on Charles Campbell who was a Jeweller/Goldsmith and lived c1800 - 1856. He married Ann Mason in St. John Horsleydown, Surrey in 1824. They had children Charles Christopher Campbell, Maria Mason Campbell, John Mason Campbell, Elizabeth Ann Campbell and James Campbell. I know that Ann Campbell moved to Newcastle in 1837 because James was born there. She lived at Leazes Terrace. She was living with some of her children, but not Charles in the 1841 census. If anyone can assist I would be very grateful.
Family Surnames: Campbell
Ryles / Royles and variants - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
This is my family name. Origins probably Staffordshire. Significant family branches in Australia also
Family Surnames: Ryles Riles Ryalls Ryle Royles
Plimmer - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for siblings of John Plimmer born 1829; also maiden name of wife, Mary, who was born 1830. They emigrated to US and settled first in Pennslyvania and later Streator, IL. He was a coal miner.
Family Surnames: Plimmer
George Hunt and Agnes Reed - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Trying to find information on great great grandparents.George Hunt and Agnes Reed. They were married in Newcastle of Tyne, 1877,Cathedral of St Nicholas.They had one daughter in England, Margaret Hunt. They went to Canada in the late 1870's or early 1880's, they are on the 1881 Canadian census. According to their daughters birth certificate they were in CO of Durham, Chester le St, Pelton Fell in 1877. George Hunt's occupation at that time was a butler. I am new to the search in England so please forgive me if I write the town names incorrectly. I would very much like to find out more about them, if anything sounds familiar, or if anyone has any suggestions, please write to me. Thank you Barbara
Family Surnames: Hunt, Reed
Atkinson James/Joseph b 1866-70 - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I am looking for info on a James Atkinson recorded as marrying Abigail Buchan in Edinburgh in 1887, aged 21. He was then a soldier in the Royal Scots. His parents were listed as Marshall and Margaret Atkinson, and the only entries that fit in the 1871/1881 census are from Newcastle, living in Peel Lane and then Temple St. They did not have a son called James however but did have a son call Joseph born in Gateshead about 1870. Abigail and "James" parted company in the 1890s after having two sons John and Frederick. Fred was born in Sheffield in 1895. Abigail was back in Edinburgh by 1901. I would love any info on what became of James/Joseph Atkinson if this rings any bells!
Family Surnames: Atkinson
Harold Turton Dodman - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I am very keen to contact family or friends of this gentlemen. He died in Newcastle in 1989. He was born in Rochdale in 1898 and his life between is a mystery.He had a sister Mary Emma Turton Dodman bn 1899 who has disappeared after 1901. Harold is a great great uncle of my husbands, and his mother had 4 more daughters after Harold and it is possible that the two branches of the family know nothing about each other. There is another mystery concerning a boy who went to Canada in 1910 apparently with the same identity. I have been following this trail for a couple of years now. Alison
Family Surnames: Dodman Turton
Wood, Watson, Thomas - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Does anyone know of John Wood Born Newcastle about 1863.I thought he married Adelaide Thomas, but on the 1881 census he is married to Sarah Watson. John's children; Emily my grandmother, Hannah, John aka Jack, Frank and Norah.
Family Surnames: Wood, Watson, Thomas
Redhead Surname - Newcastle - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
I am resarching the Family history of the Redhead family that lived in the Newcastle Area 1842 onwards. Anyone out there to share info with ?
Family Surnames: Redhead
McKIE - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Any info on Patrick James McKie born c1872 possibly Newcastle upon Tyne, taken as a baby to the Isle of Skye. Died 1942 aged 70. Married Louisa Stapleton 1905 London.
Family Surnames: Mckie, Stapleton
Matson/Ridley - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for current info, Ester Emily Foster Matson who married a Thomas William Ridley in 1901. They had two children Roy, 1904 Eric.1907 and in 1911 census lived at 17 Warden St, Newcastle on tyne. with her widowed mother/grandmother Charlotte Matson Robert of Canada
Family Surnames: Matson/Ridley
Kirkup, Anne Taylor - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Seeking information on Anne Talyor Kirkup (born 1850) or siblings Robert Kirkup and Mary Isabella Kirkup. All were born in North Shields and christened in Newcastle. Lived in Newcastle 1851, the children of Thomas and Isabella Kirkup. Related to Taylor family and probably Minto, and Embelton.
Family Surnames: Kirkup
Pattison Family of Newburn - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Is there anyone out there who can help me as I am looking for members of my PATTISON family 3xG Grandparents WILLIAM PATTISON & MARY TAYLORc1755 and family JOHNc1782 WILLIAMc1784 MARYc1786 JAMESc1789 HUGH c1793-1808 my 2xG/Granddad who married SARAH?(PATTERSON?Ithink) JANEc1795 all born at Newburn HUGH & SARAH had children WILLIAM 1825 EDWARD 1827 HUGH 1832 G/grandad (married ANN CURRY b NEW LAMBTON) THOMAS 1834 JAMES 1836 MARY 1838 ELIZABETH 1843 I have all the details for Hugh&Anns family but it would be great to find more family from way back
Family Surnames: Pattison /Taylor/Curry
cousins family - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
seeking any more info onalbert cousins, may have arrived in australia 1914 with 3 other family members. AE, J, P, COUSINS. on board theship WILLOCHRA.. THANKS TANIA
Family Surnames: Cousins
pattison - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Does anyone know the maiden Name of Sarah ? who was married to my 2 x great grandad Hugh Pattison they had 8 children William c1823 Susannah c1825 Edward c1827 Hugh 1832 Thomas c1834 James c1836 Mary c1838 and Elizabeth c1843 Hugh was baptised 14 October 1832 at ALL SAINTS NEWCASTLE ON TYNE (my g /grandfather) any help will be appreciated
Family Surnames: Pattison
Pettinger RW - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Seachingn for details on Reginald William Pettinger born approx 1876 Any help appreciated. Keith
Family Surnames: Pettinger
Muckian family in Newcastle - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
My gg grandfather Terrence Muckian was born in Ireland around 1831-4. He married Mary Mulroy, possibly in Ireland. My g grandfather Michael Muckian was born in Newcastle on Tyne in 1851. He married Mary Ann Donaghy from Ireland in Newcastle in 1886. Mary Ann's father was Patrick Donaghy, from Ireland. My Grandfather Thomas Muckian was born in Newcastle in 1886, and married Mary Theresa McKenna from Gatehead in 1914. Mary's parents were Thomas Patrick McKenna and Sarah Anne Wilkinson. Other family names in the Northumberland and Co Durham area are Sloan, Darnell, and possibly McCourt.
Family Surnames: Muckian, Mulroy, Mckenna, Donaghy
John Smith and Grace Forrest Thomson (both born Scotland) - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
John Smith married Grace Forrest Thomson in Newcastle upon Tyne 1855, and had issue:- James George Welsh Smith bd 1858 Newcastle; Henry Smith bd 1861 Newcastle; William Smith bd 1865 Sunderland; Jane A Smith bd 1867 Sunderland; Elizabeth Smith bd 1870 Sunderland. Looking for any info reference birthplace/death of John Smith and Grace Smith (Forrest Thomson)
Family Surnames: Smith Thomson
irwin heath - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
searching for ancestors of michael irwin married to mary heath son noble born 1817 came to australia about 1845. love to find out if there were any siblings and or relatives
Family Surnames: Irwin Heath
Richard Robinson - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
My ancestors Richard Robinson and Jane Heppord wed 2 June 1676 at All Saints Newcastle-upon-Tyne. I am keen to know more about them, particularly about their families and hopefully the names of their parents and the dates of their births or baptisms. They had a son John who was baptised 8 June 1679 at All Saints Newcastle-upon-Tyne and who married Ann Wilkinson 22 December 1701 at All Saints Newcastle-upon-Tyne
Family Surnames: Robinson, Heppord, Wilkinson
Denton - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Searching for birth and death of James Denton who married Jane Rewcastle in 1739 at St. Johns, Newcastle upon Tyne. Children: Robert, James, Mary, Jane, Richard and Elizabeth. I am descended from Robert.
Family Surnames: Denton
james phillipson - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
looking for a james phillipson born1840 to1844 father s name could have been john.married mary anne fisher of kendal 1864.
keith axam - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
anyone knowing the whereabouts of above person,son of mabel & ralph axam {dec}
Family Surnames: Axam
Family of Wiiliam and Margaret Pease, Elswick - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Trying to find any info about Edward Pease born 1880 in Newcastle/tyne son of William and Margaret, but not showing on 1901 census?
Family Surnames: Pease
Cullercoats Street..Walker - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Hi, Can anyone with local knowledge of this area tell me when Cullercoats street was built, Thanks, Dennis
james phillipson - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
james philipson born abt;1836 newcastle upon tyne ; not kendal as first thought, moved to the kendal districts and married mary anne fisher of kendal, abt 1864. I'm looking for his parent's and other family members. they are on 1871 censusof england spelt with one L only ,ours is with two Ls today.james moved to invercargill area southland new zealand in the 1870s and was a sawyer in hawthorne area nz.
Family Surnames: Phillipson
William Mair - Jane Annie Simpson - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
My links to the region are through my father Robert Mair (1911-1990), my Grandfather, Thomas Walls Mair (1878-1936), and my Great-Grandfather, William Mair (1855-1927). Both my father and grandfather were borne in Newcastle Upon Tyne. My great grandfather was borne in Scotland and in 1875 married in Newcastle Upon Tyne to Jane Annie Simpson (1854-?) from Gateshead. My parents migrated to Australia in 1951 where I now live in Melbourne. I have been slowly assembling the family history with the help of our surviving aunts on my fathers side, including cousins residing in Newcastle Upon Tyne, however, we have no links to the families of the siblings of our grandfather, Thomas Walls Mair, all born in Newcastle Upon Tyne, namely William Mair (1877-1916), Jane Mair (1880-?), James S. Mair (1882-?), Andrew Mair (1884-1970), Fredrick Mair (1888-?), Jessie Mair (1890-?), Jane Annie Mair (1892-1907) and Robert Mair (1895-?). We would be pleased to hear from anyone who may have a family connection.
Family Surnames: Mair Simpson
Bell-Ashcroft-McGurk - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Chasing descendants of an Elizabeth Ann Bell b. Newcastle Upon Tyne c1888. Father was an Isaac Bell, General Lab, deceased by 1918. Elizabeth married an ? Ashcroft and we believe had two daughters, kate and Adeline born maybe around 1914. Elizabeth then married a Francis McGurk in Newcacastle in 1918. They had twin boys, Kenneth and Clive born 1922. Elizabeth and Francis split c1927, Francis taking boys and Elizabeth apparently stayed living in Newcastle somewhere with girls. Thanks, Eleanor...
Family Surnames: Bell Ashcroft Mcgurk
Shayler family - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Reuben Shayler born Clanfield, Oxon 1840, married Catherine Tickle (born Camberwell c1832) in 1860 in Newcastle. Their children were Isabella Ann, Catherine Margaret and John William.
Family Surnames: Tickle, Shayler, Todd
Thomas William Selby / Robert Bruce Selby - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for my father and grandfather who were hairdressers in the area. In Fenkle Street beside the the Assembly rooms. Grandpa Selby lived in Wylam for many years at Falcon Terrace and later in Denholm Road just opposite the Wingrove Hospital. Dad was born in 1902. Dad and his sister Dora attended RutherFord College. My father married Hilda Drummond of Heaton. Aunty Dora was a nurse at Wingrove Hospital. His Sister Elizabeth married George Ashcroft in 1933. His mother worked in the Wingrove Hospital. My sister Wendy went to Dame Allens School and I went to Rutherford. We both were involved in the Newcastle and West End Operatic Socccities.
Family Surnames: Selby
Selby - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Family Surnames: Selby Or Drummond
ROLAND BELL - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
Looking for any info on Roland Bell 1920c, possibly from the Newcastle area. Think he was in thr navy, and was killed in an accident on a ship 1945c HAD KIDS TO A WOMEN CALLED DULCIE FROM THE GATESHEAD AREA, THEY WERE NEVER MARRIED.
Family Surnames: Bell
family tree - (Newcastle upon Tyne - Northumberland)
i am looking for james graham birth about 1796 marriage to mary fletcher about 1820 mary fletcher birth about 1796 children jane graham berth about 1821 john " " " 1822 edward " " " 1824 james " " " 1834 and any other children you can find
Family Surnames: Graham
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