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Adderbury ... Ascott-under-Wychwood
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Smeeth - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
I am looking for information about Mary Anne Bilhah Smeeth who was christened 30 Oct 1846 in Adderbury. Fathers name was Edmund and mother shows on some papers as Sally, but have always been told it was different than this. Any help would be appreciated Many thanks Colin from New Zealand
Family Surnames: Smeeth Edmund Sally
Further Details Sought - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
I have traced my Judd(e) ancestors back to Isaac who married Anne.....?in 1700/1701. It is possible the Judd family may have been of Devon, Kent, London or Hertfordshire, any help appreciated.
Family Surnames: Judd
John EDDEN and Martha COSBE - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
John EDDEN married Martha COSBE at Adderbury on 28 October 1739. Martha died in Adderbury in November 1779. Please can someone tell me where Martha COSBE was born.
Family Surnames: Edden, Cosbe
Norris - Hopcraft - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
Did James Norris work with Hopcraft's to put together the brewers, Hopcraft and Norris, Brackley?
Family Surnames: Hopcraft Norris
Penn Family - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
Have traced Penn relatives back to Adderbury, Banbury, Oxforshire, does anyone have any connections to this family. Would love to hear from you.
Family Surnames: Penn
Richard Castle - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
Looking for any information on Richard Castle, born in Adderbury in 1799. Richard married Ann Flint, they had several children, one being Samuel. Samuel was born in Adderbury in 1832 and married Ann Hirons
confused - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
i am searching for my great great grandfather sidney flint who was an agricultural labourer. he was born in 1835 adderbury east. there seems to be alot of flints around that area .i have found a sydney flint in the 1851 census an agricultural labourer born in the same year he was a living with a johanna flint she was born in 1791 maybe his grandmother ,she was 60 in 1851
Family Surnames: Flint
Gardner's - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
Looking for the Gardner's who came from Adderbury and moved to london in the late 1800's. The head was william who married Elizabeth and worked as a mail delivery man. His son was also william born 1794 who also married Elizabeth. They had william born 1816 who married Maria west(?). They had a william (surprise surprise) born 1846 and he is the one who moved to london an dmarried emma Traies. any help appreciated.
Family Surnames: Gardner
Gilkes of Adderbury - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
Researching the Gilkes and Warkman families of North Oxfordshire, especially Adderbury.
Family Surnames: Gilkes Warkman
Hawkes - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
John HAWKES married Mary DEELEY 1805 at Adderbury.
Family Surnames: Hawkes, Deeley
Looking for Joan Burrell - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
Looking for Joan Burrell, my younger sister who was adopted by The Burrell Family she was born 1961 in the north county of Durham May 4th she is now 46, I am her sister.
Family Surnames: Burrell
Taplin. Adderbury - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
I am researching Taplin in Adderbury . William Taplin married Elizabeth Lyne/Line in 1811. I have a mother for him, a Sarah Taplin, but no father. I am curious to know who his father was. Sarah's father was Thomas Taplin born C 1730
Family Surnames: Taplin/Line. Lyne
West Family - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
My G/mother Mary Ann West married my G/father in Aug. 1897. at the parish church at Adderbury. The vicar was H J Gipp. Mary Ann was born 1872 @ Adderbury East. Father was William West. Mother was Eliza West nee Shackell. They were married 1868. @ Adderbury. William came from Adderbury & was born abt. 1846. Eliza came from Bodicote & was born abt. 1848. William's father was Matthew West. Mother was Rebecca West nee Miles. They were married abt 1830 @ Adderbury. Matthew came from Adderbury & was born abt 1810. Rebecca came from Adderbury & was born abt1807--1812. Matthew's father was poss. Thomas West. Mother was poss. Mary West nee ????. They were married abt 1803 @ Adderbury. Thomas came from Adderbury & was born abt 1779. Mary came poss from Adderbury, & was born ??? Thereafter I am lost. Mary Ann's husband lived in Chelsea London. I'm intrigued, as to how he met someone from North Oxon.
Family Surnames: West Shackell Miles
West Family - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
Forgot to add Mar Anne's husband was Thomas Hawkins
Frederick Harris - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
I'm trying to find Frederick Harris (a horse keeper) in the 1841, 1851 and 1861 censuses. I have found him in 1871 and 1881 censuses living with his wife Annie Maria (Merson) but can't find any trace of him before this. In the 2 latter censuses he is listed as being born in Adderbury, Oxfordshire in 1839 but I can'f find a definite record of his birth either... any help would be greatly appreciated
Family Surnames: Harris Harriss Arriss Harries
Christopher Rawlins - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
Rev Christopher Rawlins Adderbury Oxfordshire I am trying to research Canon/Rev Christopher Rawlins who was in Adderbury in the 1500's.He was born about 1519 dont know where and died in 1589 maybe Adderbury where he was vicar.I would love any info anyone has and a portrait would be super.
Family Surnames: Rawlins
Myrry Wilson Goffe - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
I am looking for information on Myrry Wilson Goffe (born Thenford, Kings Sutton c. 1826) who married Ann Simson (formerly Hitchman) in Leicester 1858, later moving to West Adderbury where they lived for 30 years. In one census they lived in the "Grocers Shop".
Family Surnames: Goffe
Measey - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
My Grandfather was Frederick George Measey,my Grandmother was Irene Margaret Seccull, My Mother is Betty Margaret Measey who Married Junior Jones.My Name is Barbara.Please Write.
Family Surnames: Measey
laughyon family - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
hi i was just wondering if ne one knew any details of the laughyon family i think they lived in london a long time ago and moved to hartlepool. thank you elaine.
broomfeild family - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
hi i was wondering if any one nos any details about the broomfeild family i think the origanally lived in londen then moved to hrtlepool. thank you elaine.
Whittlesee or Spicer 1820-1855 - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
William Bourton Whittlesee married Elizabeth Spicer in Adderbury in 1846 & they emigrated to Australia. John Spicer, Elizabeth's father was a saddler
Family Surnames: Spicer
Meadows (Meadowes?) - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
Mary Ann MEADOWS b. Adderbury about 1812. She married William Sharp. I would love to have a date for this and any more info about her family.
Family Surnames: Meadows
Dearing Family - (Adderbury - Oxfordshire)
Am looking for record of Dearings in Adderbury. I have got to John Dearing 1757- 1813, Adderbury. He married Esther Bazely in1783. They has 4 children, Mary b 1784, John b 1792, Edward b 1796 d14 Jun 1829, and Henry b1797 d 1834. all in Adderbury. Edward married Ann Flint in 1824 and they had 3 children. William b 1826, Mary b 1827, and Edward 1829, all in Adderbury. William was a tailorand moved to Bishops Itchington, Warwickshire.Would like missing dates, decendants. Do I have distant relatives still in the area.
SHEWELL WOODWARDS - (Adwell - Oxfordshire)
Looking for families of Christopher SHEWELL b Adwell c1725 m Ann WOODWARDS of Adwell in 1752
Family Surnames: Shewell Woodwards
Wheatfield St Andrews - (Adwell - Oxfordshire)
Looking for families from the area. Josiah NORTH m Ann SEXTON with children Ann, Jane and Elizabeth. Edmund PULLEN married Ann in 1819
Family Surnames: North Sexton Pullen
French family, Alkerton - (Alkerton - Oxfordshire)
I am researching the descendants of Samuel French (b. abt 1767) & his wife Ann (these were my 5x great grandparents). Their son Nathaniel (b. 1804) married Sarah Phipps, and had children Hannah, Ann, William (my 3x g.grandfather), Richard, John, Thomas & Henry. These were all baptised in Alkerton. Any information greatfully received.
Family Surnames: French
COLLETT - (Alvescot - Oxfordshire)
William COLLETT married Ann MAIZEY on 24 Nov 1824 and their daughter Ann was born in Alvescot 16 Apr 1837. She married Charles RICHARDS 1856 in Buckland, Berkshire (see entry under Buckland).
Family Surnames: Collett, Maizey, Richards
Webb from Alvescot area - (Alvescot - Oxfordshire)
Seeking any information on Jane Webb born about 1824 in the area of Alvescot in Oxfordshire. Possible parents William and Mary Webb of same area.
Family Surnames: Webb
COMPTON at Alvescot - (Alvescot - Oxfordshire)
Tracing a COMPTON family tree, at Quenington, Coln St Aldwyn, Alvescot and Shilton. Pls contact me if you ar econnected.
Family Surnames: Compton Wickens
Carnzu family name - (Alvescot - Oxfordshire)
carnzu family appear to originate in Surrey, the name sometimes translates carzee/ carnzer/ carnzu. Please anyone else looking for this family including a charlotte carnzu.
Family Surnames: Carnzu/Carnzer/Carnzee
Gould 1700-1800 - (Alvescot - Oxfordshire)
Family of John Gould b 1800 Alvescot and James Gould/Gold/Goold of Ducklington.
Family Surnames: Gould, Gold, Goold
Warren At Ambrosden, Oxon - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
I am trying to link Beatrice M. and Ethel M. Warren who lived at Ambrosden, Oxfordshire, in 1913, to my Warren family from Catcott, Somerset. Would be pleased to hear from anyone who has connections to both these parties.
Family Surnames: Warren
Mumford - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
Looking for any Mumfords in the Ambrosden/Blackthorn area, i am decended from John and Mary Mumford who married in Ambrosden in 1830, would like to contact any other Mumford researchers.
Family Surnames: Mumford
Wilkins - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
Looking for any Wilkins in the Ambrosden/Blackthorn area, my greatgrandfather was called Frederick.My great great grandfather was called William.I am trying to compose a family tree.
Family Surnames: Wilkins
Mortemore, Mortimer, Mortimore - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
I am looking for any information on the names Mortemore,Mortimer,Mortimore, especially in the Ambrosden area around 1700 and earlier, but any information would be gratefully received.
Family Surnames: Mortemore, Mortimer. Mortimore
Orsborn 's of Ambrosden , Banbury, Southam, - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
William Orsborn Born approx 1743-4 William Orsborn Married Mary---- in approx 1764. 2 Children so far could be more, William Orsborn born Ambrosden 1766 John Orsborn born Ambrosden 1770 (Do not know which one is the father yet of John Orsborn below but it more than lightly could be John) John Orsborn¬Ö Born 1791 Ambrosden John Orsborn and Mary Fawdry Marriage 1812 Children George Orsborn Birth 1820 George Orsborn married Harriot Fortnum Birth 1820 on the 18th October 1841 4 Children.......... Sarah Susanna Orsborn Born 15th November 1842 in Banbury......... Harriot Orsborn Born 10th October 1844 in Banbury........ George William Orsborn born 2nd July 1847 in Banbury........ and Silas Orsborn born 1st February 1852 in Southam.. Silas Orsborn. Married Sarah? Born1853..... 3 Children.... Christopher Orsborn Born 1878... Edith M Orsborn Born 1886... Charles J T Orsborn Born 1888 Any information On Silas's Family would be welcome i have information on George William Orsborn and Harriot Orsborn . I have no information On Sarah Susanna Orsborn does anyone have any information on her is she in your family tree anywhere did she marry at all and have children or like Harriot Orsborn stay a spinster?
Family Surnames: Orsborn, Fawdry, Fautnum
ALLEY LEVERETT - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
Can anyone tell me about this family who have the surname 'Alley or Leverett'? before 1696. Thomas bn August 1696 had son John Alley in 1741 and surname seems to be Alley therefafter for this line - but how did it arise? Thomas' father Johannis Alley or Leverett was born in Bicester in 1668 I think. Any info would be very helpful. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Alley Leverett
TURNER ALLEY - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
William Turner who m Martha Alley in 1797. Any info on his ancestry would be very helpful. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Turner Alley
ALDRIDGE - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
Any information on Frances Aldridge who m John Alley in Ambrosden in 1772? Would be pleased to hear from anyone connected. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Aldridge Alley
Orsborn Banbury Ambrosden Swalcliffe - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
Have you any of these in your famliy tree? Sarah Susanna Orsborn and David Thomas Hyam born <1844> married <1861>¬Ö 8 Children¬Ö David Thomas Hyam b <1868>¬Ö Ellen Elizabeth Hyam born<1869>¬ÖGeorge Osborn Hyam born <1872>¬ÖEdward Hyam born <1873>¬ÖSarah Hyam born <1875>¬ÖEliza Hyam born <1877> Lucy Hyam born <1878>¬ÖAlice Hyam born <1879>, get in touch if you have. Fortnum William Fortnum who was a grocer by trade,He may have been born late 1700's his daughter Harriet the only child i know of so far as i am doing another family line at present, she was born abt <1820> married George Orsborn 1841 certificate puts them both as full age any information no matter how small please. Many thanks.
Family Surnames: Fortnum Orsborn Hyam
Eldridge of Ambrosden - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
Looking for any descendents of John Eldridge and Sarah Alley. John and his descendents were the village carpenters and wheelwrights. Some of the family later moved into Bicester and beyond.
Family Surnames: Eldridge
Bullock of Bletchington - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
Looking for any Bullock descendents with roots in Bletchington.
Family Surnames: Bullock
Warren, Amrosden - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
I am trying to trace Ethel Warren who was born in Middlesex in about 1882. I believe she may have lived in Ambrosden in in Oxfordshire at some time. All help welcome.
Family Surnames: Warren
MUNDAY/GOODING/TUCKER - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
Any information on Robert Munday married 1762 Ambrosden Oxfordshire to Elizabeth Gooding - daughter Hannah Munday born around 1751 Berkshire - spouse James Tucker
Family Surnames: Munday/Gooding/Tucker
Harriet Orsborn - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
Births Dec 1844 -------- ORSBORN Harriet Banbury 16 3 1871 census ORSBORN HARRIET 26 Warwick, Warwick 1891 census ORSBORN HARRIET 46 Leamington, Warwick Deaths Mar 1918 Orsborn Harriet 73 Warwick 6d 856
Family Surnames: Orsborn
ORSBORN - (Ambrosden - Oxfordshire)
Marriages Dec 1841 (>99%) ---------- FORTNUM Harriet Banbury 16 51 ORSBORN George Banbury 16 51 ON MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE A CARPENTER LIVING IN BANBURY FATHER JOHN ORSBORN A LABOURER HARRIET FORTNUM LIVING IN SWALCLIFFE FATHER WILLIAM FORTNUM GROCER WITNESSED BY WILLIAM REEVES OR REEVER AND ELIZABETH LAWRENCE IT SAYS BOTH OF FULL AGE I also found this in london-gazette WHEREAS a Petition of George Orsborn, now and for one year and nine months last past or thereabouts residing in Coventry-street, Southam, in the county of Warwick, during the last six weeks of that period being out of business, and during the remainder of the same period there carrying on the businesses of an Upholsterer, Cabinet Maker, Paper Hanger, Broker and Furniture Dealer, previously residing in Bridge-street South, in Banbury, in the county of Oxford, being au Upholsterer, Cabinet Maker, Broker, and Furniture Dealer, part of the time having a Shop in Coventry-street, Southam aforesaid, and formerly of Broad-street, Banbury aforesaid, and being an Upholsterer, Cabinet Maker, Broker, and Furniture Dealer, and during all the time aforesaid occasionally letting lodgings, an insolvent debtor, having been filed in the County Court of Warwickshire, at Southam, and an interim order for protection from process having been given to the said George Orsborn, under the provisions of the Statutes in that case made and provided, the said George Orsborn is hereby required to appear before the said Court, on the 25th day of October next, at ten of the clock in the forenoon precisely, for his first examination touching his debts, estate, and effects, and to be further dealt with according .to the provisions of the said Statutes; and the choice of the creditors' assignees is to take place at the time so appointed. All persons indebted to the said George Orsborn, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to Mr. George Spraggett, the Assistant Clerk of the said Court, at the County Court office, in Southam, the Official Assignee of the estate and effects of the said insolvent.
Family Surnames: Orsborn-Fortnum
Hadland family in Ardley - (Ardley - Oxfordshire)
Looking for any descendants of Charles Hadland and Mary Bates who married in Souldern in 1785, but whose children were all born in Ardley.
Family Surnames: Hadland
Honeybone - (Ascott-under-Wychwood - Oxfordshire)
Fanny Honeybone of Ascott was my great grandmother, she was one of the Ascott Martyrs. I would love to hear from anyone who is related to any of these people. many of my family also emigrated to New Zealand with some perishing on the ship Cospatrick.
Family Surnames: Honeybone, Hedges,Ferriman,Pratley
Pratley, Ellen, Anderson, Skuse, Smith - (Ascott-under-Wychwood - Oxfordshire)
Seeking any info and descendants of Thomas Pratley and Elizabeth Ellen of Ascott-Under-Wychwood. And the descendants of their son Thomas Pratley and his wives: Sarah Skuse, jane Smith, and Elizabeth Smith (John? and Rachel Smith of Eastleach Turville)born 1827 Eastleach. Thomas and Elizabeth Smith had these children: Margaret, John, James, Frederick, William, Frank, George Edwin, Thomas Henry. I am descended from James born 1855 Eastleach Martin died 1923 Paddington R.D. Elizabeth Smith Pratleylater married Joseph Young after 1885. I am looking for all relatives and any descendants and info of Elizabeth Smith Pratley Young and Joseph Young. NB: John? and Rachel Smith had these children: Elizabeth 1827, Esther 1835, John 1836 (married Elizabeth Baxter), Thomas 1839 (married Mary Unknown).
Family Surnames: Pratley, Ellen, Anderson, Skuse, Smith
Smith/Shillam - (Ascott-under-Wychwood - Oxfordshire)
I am looking for any connections with my great Grandmother Clara Smith (born in Ascott under Wychwood in 1851. Her father was Emanuel Smith (born 1823) and her mother was Rose Ann. I believe that Emanuel's father was John Smith and his wife's name was Mary. Clara married Richard Shillam in 1869 and Charles was born in 1869 and Fanny Shillam, my grandmother, in 1870.
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