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Skibbereen, An Sciobairin ... Knockraha
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SHIELDS,Ellen born abt 1863 - (Skibbereen, An Sciobairin - County Cork)
Ellen Shields was born in Skibbereen County Cork in abt 1863 she was the daughter of Michael and Jane Shields nee Fitzgerald. At approx age 20 she immigrated to Queensland Australia. At Charters Towers Queensland in 1885 Ellen married William John RYAN,between 1897-1900 Ellen,William and their children headed to Western Australia they settled in the goldmining town of Kanowna in the western Australian goldfields. (Today Kanowna is a ghost town). Seeking any info on Michael SHIELDS or his wife Jane nee Fitzgerald or other children (siblings of Ellen)
Family Surnames: Shields,Fitzgerald And Ryan
O'Cobhthaigh surname - (Timoleague, Tigh Molaige - County Cork)
Looking for anyone with surnames COHIG, COUHIG, COWHIG, COHEIG, COWICK or any other variations...have lots of misc data & willing to share!
Family Surnames: Couhig, Cowhig, Cowick
Whelton - (Timoleague, Tigh Molaige - County Cork)
Just visited lislevane/timoleague and barryroe Found out that my gg grandfather Patrick Whelton married Ellen Connolly in 1846 at St mary Star of the Sea Church Barryroe Cork not far from Butlerstown Lislevane and Lislee Looking for connections to Wheltons in that area took a few photos of gravestone inscriptions for Wheltons born 1860 ish in Lislee Church
Family Surnames: Whelton Connolly
Timoleague - (Timoleague, Tigh Molaige - County Cork)
I am looking for my great grandfather Denis or Dennis SULLIVAN believed to be born around 1840-5 his father was William a farmer
Family Surnames: Sullivan
Michael Joe Whelton - (Timoleague, Tigh Molaige - County Cork)
The late Michael Joe Whelton, who ran a pub in Lislevane, on the road between Timoleague and Butlerstown, told me he descended from a Richard Whelton. I've been told that my branch of the family also descends from a Richard Whelton, in the following line: Richard, Daniel = Catherine Sullivan, Daniel (born abt. 1830) = Anna Gorey, Daniel A. Whelton, Mayor of Boston, USA 1905. Daniel A. Whelton was my grandfather. I am looking for information about this branch of the Whelton family. Is there a Whelton family association in Cork?
Family Surnames: Whelton, Sullivan, Gorey
Sullivan Driscoll - (Timoleague, Tigh Molaige - County Cork)
Looking for Jeremiah Sullivan - Annie (Hannah) Driscoll, married abt 1840s, children, Annie, Jeremiah, John, Margaret and Mary. Annie born Timoleague. All except Margaret known to have gone to US (via Canada?) around 1880 and lived in Boston area. Annie married Bernard Farrell, Roscommon (born Dysart). Would like more info about Irish ancestors.
Family Surnames: Sullivan Driscoll Farrell
Mary Whelton, James Donovan (Timoleague) - (Timoleague, Tigh Molaige - County Cork)
Looking for information on the James Donovan/Mary Whelton family of the Creggane townland (immediately south of Timoleague), Abbeymahon parish, county Cork. They had at least five children: Mary born 27 Dec 1871, Patrick born 7 Apr 1873, Timothy born 23 Apr 1874, Cornelius born 26 Feb 1878 and Thomas born 10 May 1879.
Family Surnames: Whelton, Donovan
Allen Family of Toormore, County Cork - (Toormore - County Cork)
I'm looking for information regarding the Allen family of Toormore, County Cork. My great, great grandmother, Ellen Allen and her brothers (John, Anthony, Richard and Robert) were born in Toormore in 1810's and 1820's.
Family Surnames: Allen
Murphy Family - (Waterfall - County Cork)
Can anyone give me any information about the family of James Murphy, farmer who died between 1893 and 1905. He had a very large family of 18 children and they lived in Waterfall. In the records of the parish of Ballinora and Ballincollig I have found what I believe to be his marriage. There is an entry showing James Murphy marrying Julia Keffe on Nov 4th 1852. I've also found the births to James and Julia of Mary, Catherine, Bridget, Patrick, Daniel, James, Honnorah, Tim, Asnastasia and Agnes. The records have some gaps in them, so at present I cannot establish the other children. I know there was a daughter known as Netta who married a shop-keeper from the city of Cork. My grandfather Patrick Julian was one of his sons, a doctor, who settled in Cwmbach, Aberdare, Wales. Daniel Joseph O'Keefe (? married a Dunne) another son also practised as a doctor, we think in Cloyne. Daniel had sons Paddy (settled in US) and Victor (settled in Maesteg, S. Wales) plus daughters Phillo, Clare and Eileen. I think there was a connection with a Magner family and perhaps a Flores family. I would be very grateful for any help with the family.
Family Surnames: Murphy
Records for Watergrasshill 1800-1871 - (Watergrasshill, Cnocan na Biolrai - County Cork)
Can anyone help me regarding where the records for Watergrasshill, years between 1800 and 1871. My Great Grandfather, Charles Fetherston, and his 8 siblings were born there. Parents: Richard Fetherston, a school master and Mary Bolster. By 1871 Mary had emigrated to Glasgow with her family. Richard died between 1865, when Charles was born and 1871. I have no information about Richard. I do not think the family was Catholic, but cannot be sure. Any information most welcome.
Family Surnames: Fetherston, Bolster
Garret Murphy - (Watergrasshill, Cnocan na Biolrai - County Cork)
Looking for info. on family of Garret Murphy, Watergrasshill, County Cork. Born 12/10/1825, parents James & Abbie Healey Murphy. Emigrated to U.S. in 1848 (Cheshire, Ma.).
Family Surnames: Murphy, Healey
Cotter - (Youghal - County Cork)
Edmund Cotter was supposed to be hanged in 1793 or 1798 at Youghal. Anyone know anything about this?
Family Surnames: Cotter
coakley/cokeley - (Youghal - County Cork)
looking for michael coakley married ellen Russel 1851 migrated to swansea. any family members or birth records?
Family Surnames: Coakley
Fenton - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
Fenton family of Youghal, particularly James, who drowned at sea around 1900. Most of the family emigrated, does anyone have any info about the family in Ireland?
Kenna , - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
Percy Kenna born in Youghal about 1857. Father was Thomas Webb Kenna, a doctor, and mother was Agnes Jennings Kenna. Not a lot known about Percy or his Irish family. Believed to have had a brother at least. Went to New Zealand and second wife was Margaret Jean Kenna (nee Lyon) What happened to 1st wife and did she marry Percy in Ireland or elsewhere? Were their children? Webb, Jennings and Emmett are names used in the family even now.
Family Surnames: Kenna, Webb, Jennings.
Healy Family ,Youghal-Islington. - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
Looking for information or family connection to my Great Grandfather Michael Healy,born about 1847 in Youghal,Cork. Father, Patrick Healy. He migrated to Islington,London, and married Honora Scanlan from Castleisland, Kerry,,in 1866. Children were, Julia, John, Patrick, Stephen and James
Family Surnames: Healy,Scanlan
LEAHY - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
Catherine b. abt. 1843. Father unknown, mother Fanny. Brother John b. 1832. Moved to Cardiff and married Thomas Brown b. 1841.
GARDNER and LOBBETT - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
I am interested in the Gardner family as James Lobbett, a master mariner married Blessing Brown Gardner in 1844 at Youghal. His ship was later driven ashore near Youghal with both on board. Blessings father was a lawyer in Youghal.
Family Surnames: Gardner
McCarthy-Youghal - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
I need info on Carthage McCarthy c1811 Youghal married to Mary ? c1805 also Youghal. They moved to Wales but had 7 children in Ireland before they left.Edward c1840, Cornelius, Ellen, Michael, John, Morris, Mary, Carthage born in Wales.They moved onto Bristol then London. Any info on the Irish side would be a help.
Family Surnames: Mccarthy
Gee, Cox - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
Caroline Gee c1792, Ireland, most likely, Waterford,Wexford, Cork or Dublin. She married Robert Henry Cox 1818 at the Cathedral Church of St, Coleman's', Cloyne, Cork. The family left for Sydney in 1828 after Caroline's brother was shot by a tennant farmer whilst they were dining- no actual date known. I do know that my great Aunt visited an 'elderly maiden lady - the last of the Gee's" probably in the 1930's.
Family Surnames: Gee, Cox
Donovan:White - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
I'm looking for the ancesters of David White & Julia Morrissy (married c 1840). They had a daughter Mary who married Laurence Donovan (from Killeagh) in 1882 in Youghal. They lived in Youghal & went on to have at least 4 children, if not more (William 1888, Julia 1890, Thomas (my grand father, who moved to Bristol/Bath) 1897 & Christina c1993). I would also love to be put in touch with living relatives. Thanks
Family Surnames: Donovan, Motherway, White, Morrissy
Graham-Carroll - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
My g-grandparents were Michael Graham and Mary Carroll. As far as I am aware they were from Youghal. My grandmother Hannah Graham was born in 1885 and married Thomas Twomey. They lived in Cobh. I know that the Grahams had a large family and some left Ireland for the States. I also have some relations in Youghal and hopefully can gain some info from them as well but all/any information that anyone can give will be very much appreciated.
Family Surnames: Graham, Carroll, Twomey
orourke family - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
looking for any information on Robert Henry O'Rourke who lived on the quay at black rock Youghal, Cork. He was born in 1887, his father was Henry O'Rourke, a sea fisherman. Is known to have had one sister no name known for her. He left to live in Wales around about 1916/18 or thereabouts. Any information would be much appreciated.
Family Surnames: O'rourke
WILSON - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
Looking for my great grandmother's family in Youghal. Anne Wilson born 1827 in Youghal married 1851 in Middleton a James Richard Long who was a British soldier from Kent, England. Rumor has it that James left Ireland in disgrace after a run in with a local priest over tithing. Anne Wilson's family may have owned and operated a local inn in Youghal. All the children have Irish names.
Family Surnames: Wilson
Edward Power - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
I am trying to find any information about Edward Power, whose son, John Rose Power, was born in Youghal in about 1819. Edward Power is just listed as "Gentleman" on John Rose Power's marriage certificate. John Rose Power married Henrietta Hales in Dublin in 1846 and then came to the UK where he was a School Master.
Family Surnames: Power
Kildahl - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
Looking for descendants of Harriet Kildahl, who married Thomas Green. Harriet lived at Youghal with her father called Sobieski Kildahl
Family Surnames: Kildahl
mary, elizabeth, catherine, and ellen - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
I wonder if there is anybody our there that can help me? i, m looking for marriage details on four sisters thay were the children of patrick shannahan and catherine niele they were baptised in the roman catholic church in youghal. they are mary shannahan 7th 5th 1828, elizabeth shanahan 3rd 1st 1831, catherine shanahan 13th 7th 1834, ellen shanahan 19th 3rd 1837. I am also looking for marriage details on their brother john shanahan my great great grandfather baptised 24th 6th 1842. I would be most grateful for any information. thank you ann from south wales
Family Surnames: Shanahan
Patrick Shanahan/ Shannon - (Youghal, Eochaill, and Parish - County Cork)
Looking for information on my greatgreatgreat grandparents Patrick Shanahan/Shannon and Catherine Neil/Neile who married on the 14th october 1826 in the Roman Catholic Church in Youghal county Cork,would be grateful for any information on this family, and if there are any relatives still in greatgreat grandfather was their son John Shanahan who was bornon the 24th june 1842.
Family Surnames: Shanahan/Shannon
Scott of Ireland - (Abbey Mount - County Cork)
Am looking for Scott family from somewhere in Ireland but don't know where exactly. I have a John Scott born 1839 immigrated to Canada approx 1846 with parents Benjamin and Elizabeth Scott, plus siblings. Does this connect remotely with anyone. Please contact me.
Family Surnames: Scott, Greenway, French, Cleaver, Wright
Wheltons of Dunowen, Ardfield, Cork - (Ardfield and Parish - County Cork)
I am trying to trace my family history and have come to a dead end. Living in Spain, I am finding it extremely difficult Unfortunately, all my known relatives have died and left little information on my ancestors. Our family name is Whelton and we come from Dunowen, Ardfield, Clonakilty, Co. Cork. As a child I visited Dunowen and met my Great Uncle Patrick who could remember back to when the Lusitania was sunk just off the coast. I was of an age then, when family history was of little interest and never asked the relevant questions. My earliest traceable ancestor is John William Whelton (my Great Grandfather) the landowner at Dunowen. He lived as far as I can establish, from about 1850 to 1936 having had nine children. Please, if there is anyone out there who could help me put some ‘branches’ on my family tree or has any information regarding dates etc. I would be most grateful. I know there are a lot of Wheltons out there, but how and where do they all tie in? Pat
Family Surnames: Whelton
Jones - John Townsend - (Ardfield and Parish - County Cork)
Born in Co Cork c1849. Moved to Australia where he married Josephine LaFontaine and had 4 children before divorcing. He was a gold miner
Family Surnames: Jones
Bernard Foley - (Ballinglanna, near Cork - County Cork)
Bernard Foley br. 1837-38, he married a Mary? She was br. abt.1838. Thier oldest child's name was Kathyrn was called "Kate". She was the oldest child and immigrated to the USA with them,She was 19 in the 1880 census. No idea what year they came here. Was told they came from County Cork. They settled in Boston Massasusates. I found them in the 1880 census. He was a peddler and shoemaker. Mary died in 1882 at age 41, when Maggie was 4 years old. Maggie was put in the Catholic Orphanage by her father after her mothers death, and a few months later was sent on the "Orphan train" to South Dakota. She carried a slip of paper with her with the names John Mallow Foley,& Mrs Curley. It's been said Mary's maiden name could be Curley or Gallagher these two people are buried in the Calvery Cemetary in Boston, Massasusates. We know nothing of Maggie or this family. She never heard from her family again. Doing this history for the gr. Gr. grand children. Hoping someone will recognize these names. Thank you for taking time to read this.
Family Surnames: Foley, Curley, Gallagher
Sliney John and Margaret - (Ballinglanna, near Cork - County Cork)
John and Margaret were born and married in Cork not sure of where. I believe the left Cork because of the potato famine and settled in St Giles in the fields London. They had margaret ,thomas m great great granddad,John and i think Bartholomew.Does anyone have information on this family or are there Slineys still in Cork that are relation .Please get in touch
Family Surnames: Sliney
Dennis McGrath. - (Ballinglanna, near Cork - County Cork)
Daniel Mcgrath Married Ann Connell in June 1854 in Gravesend kent u.k.His father was Dennis Mcgrath ,all born cork Ireland.BE very pleased to hear when they were all born and who Dennis`s wife And parents were. He is my great great grandfather.Thahks,
Family Surnames: Mcgrath
HASSETT of Ballyandreen, Co. Cork - (Ballyandreen - County Cork)
My Great Grandmother Hannah Hassett was born (c1856) Ballyandreen, County Cork, Ireland. Her parents were Michael Hassett and Ellen Ryans. I am seeking any information about this family and also info about the village of Ballyandreen of which I know very little. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Hassett, Ryans
Hannan lineage - (Ballyleary, near Cobh - County Cork)
Am researching Margaret Ann Hannan, born 1859-1866 timeframe, Cork, Ireland so I am told. Am looking for info on her parents/siblings/how and where she came to the states sometime before 1880. Once in the states she settled in the state of Pennsylvania and married a man by the name of Frank Anderson. Any info at all would greatly be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Hannan, O'hannan, Anderson
Barry/Crowley/Donovan - (Bauravilla - County Cork)
researching Barry/Crowley from Bauravilla, Skibbereen, Cork, who would be my great great grandparents. Of the children of Barry/Crowley, a daughter(? married Donovan from Cooragannive, Skibbereen, Cork after 1865?? From Donovan/Barry marriage there were eighteen children. My grandmother Elizabeth Donovan, born 1 April,1885 at Farmhouse on River Ilen, Cooragannive was the eleventh child. She emigrated to Springfield, MA after 1901, married William J. Wynne in East Longmeadow, MA in 1915.
HAMMOND - (Berrings - County Cork)
Looking for relatives Eileen Hammond married to Jack/John Chandler who lived in Walsall west Midlands-Eileen Born 1908 died 1988.Think she buried back home in Ireland Berrings Nr Cork. Any help would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Chandler, Hammond
Blackpool, Cork City. - (Blackpool - County Cork)
I am happy to offer advice to anyone searching for information about their ancestors from the Blackpool area of Cork, which is in the parish of St. Mary and St. Anne's Cathedral. I am particularly interested in the Quarry Lane area.
Family Surnames: Mountain, Meany.
Ryan,Thomas(Tommy) - (Caherdrinny - County Cork)
Married to Ellen(nee Bullman)Thomas was a pulblican in Caherdrinny.Pub often referred to as Tommy Ryan's. They had at least two sons.John born C 1856 who went to New Zealand and William who went to California. Any information welcome.
Family Surnames: Ryan
McCarthy Cappaghglass - (Cappaghglass - County Cork)
Please could you help me search for the McCarthy family from Cappaghglass near Ballydehob in West Cork. In the 1901 cencus they are all listed. In the 1911 cencus only 1 son Daniel is listed in Kilbronogue an adjoining town land. He was staying with Donavans. All that I know is that the elder son Jeremiah who would be 107years old now left for Cardiff about 90 years ago. Family were father Denis, mother Norah, daughter Margaret and sons Jeremiah, Daniel and Patrick. It is a mystery what had happened to them. Your help would be so much apprieciated as I have only come up against dead ends. Thanks.
Family Surnames: Mccarthy
McGrath's of Cashel - (Cashel - County Cork)
Looking for information on James J McGrath from CASHEL who immigrated to Ballarat, Victoria, AUST in the late 1850's. Any help will be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Mcgrath
William Barry - (Cashel - County Cork)
Looking for information for William Barry; born in Cashel Ireland 25 October 1848; parents siblings are unknown. He immigrated to New York in 1970 and settled in Boston Massachusetts. He married Mary Alice Farrel in 1875.
Family Surnames: Barry
Prossor family - (Cashel - County Cork)
Looking for information on the Prossor family who emigrated to England in the 1820s. Anthony Prossor was born in Cashel in 1792. Thank you in advance.
Family Surnames: Prossor, Prosser
Descendents..Patrick Riordan Hanora Riordan ( NEE-Denehy) - (Cloonbannin - County Cork)
I am trying to trace any present day relatives of my grandparents who maybe be living in the Cloonbannin area of North Cork.Sometimes this area was referred to as Cloonbannin cross by my now deceased father. My grandfather was born about 1862,my grandmother i believe 1871.They were married on 25/11/1894 i obtained their marriage details from ST JOHNS R.C.CHURCH DROMTARIFFE (DROMAGH).The wedding was witnessed by a Eugene Denehy and Nora O'connor Hanora's parents were a Daniel and Nora Denehy born 1826/1839,however i have no details of my grandfather's parents, other than his father was a farmer and his name was Patrick. The original cottage where my paternal grandparent raised my father and his siblings has survived and is close to Curtins pub and Cronins garage which my father spoke of in the past. I'm assuming that my grandparents had siblings and and if this is true,hopefully will lead me to a present day "family tie"be it a Riordan or Denehy link.Any help with my search would be appreciated. Daniel
Family Surnames: Riordan, Denehy
Macartie/0'Connell families in 19th Cen. Cork - (Cullenagh - County Cork)
My Great grandmother Mary Macartie,Mrs O'Connell, gives her place of birth as Culling,Cork. I know that she and her husband,John O'Connell came from Cork as did her two brothers,and all settled in Hartlepool,Co Durham.I think that Culling is a miss spelling so could anyone suggest what might be the real name for her birth place. The fathers of both her and John were Farmers, her Dad was named Dennis,and John's was Jeramiah
Family Surnames: Macartie / O'connell
james hennessey of Glenville - (Glenville, Gleann an Phreachain - County Cork)
looking for my James....emigrated to England around 1867 with his father John and Mother Mary Healy....John and Mary were married at Dromtariffe in 1853.
Family Surnames: Hennessey
Killeady and Corran, Cork - (Killeady Cross Roads - County Cork)
Has anyone any information on the O'Callaghan family of Corran, or the Barretts of Killeady which also used to be called Kinsale Junction? The Barretts had a pub and a quarry, the O'Callaghans were farmers. Mary
Johanna O'Leary of Kinneigh or Castletown Kinneigh - (Kinneigh, and Parish - County Cork)
Johanna 0'Leary, daughter of Peter O'Leary and Honoria(or Honorah) O'Leary, was born in either the villge or parish of Kinneigh in either 1832/3/6. She had many sisters and brothers, one sister was Annie Honoria, another Mary and a brother Timothy. Timothy and Mary emigrated to Australia on the ship British Lion in 1858. In 1861 Johanna married James Keane of Borrisokane, Co Tipperary, and they sailed to Melbourne to join Timothy and Mary in either 1861 or 1862. Annie O'Leary also emigrated. Any information about this O'Leary family in Castletown or the parish of Kinneigh would be gratefully received. Thank you
Family Surnames: O'leary
Delany Family - (Knockraha - County Cork)
All family details for above
Family Surnames: Delany
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