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Charleville, Rath Luirc, ... Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown
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GORMAN and KIRBY FAMILY - (Charleville, Rath Luirc, - County Cork)
I am looking for the family of James Gorman and Johanna Kirby who lived and had their children in Charleville Cork. They had the following children Hannah 1833 Catherine 1837 Michael 1838 Ellen 1840 Patrick 1842 Jeremiah 1843 James Gorman and Johnanna Kirby got married in 1831 in Shandrum Cork. Anyone else researching this family? Sue
Family Surnames: Gorman , Kirby
ellen fox - (Charleville, Rath Luirc, - County Cork)
seeking information about ellen fox. born approx 1830-32. ellens marriage cert states that her parents were james fox and honorah brown from limerick. ellens death cert states that her mothers name was ellen and she was from charlesville. all quite confusing but mabye someone out there knows something. ellen came to australia between 1852-56.
Family Surnames: Fox
kavanagh family tree - (Charleville, Rath Luirc, - County Cork)
am trying to trace my sons family tree from this area. His grandfather was eugene Kavanagh who came to england and married margaret(peggy) coupe in 1953. They had kathleen, David and John. Linda
Kavanagh / Maher - (Charleville, Rath Luirc, - County Cork)
Hi im looking for info on john kavanagh who married Elizabeth (eliza) Maher who were living at 77 Holy Cross Place, charleville they had 9 children, james, Nick, Eamonn, Maisie, Josie, Bridget, Sean, Margaret. Nicholas Moved to London and died in 1983, Maisie married a John Ryan also from charleville and they had 13 children, Elizabeth, Billy, Joey, Jimmy, Regina, Mary plus many more, Josie married unknown Raleigh, Bridget married Dick Mckeever, Sean married Nancy Buckley also from charleville they had nine children, Maggie May, Liam, Pat, Teresa (she married Dan Noonan again from charleville), Liz, Anne, Marie, Bridget, Eddie, Margaret married Dan Mcgill and moved to the USA, Eamon we think married an australian woman??, James (seamus) 17 jan 1917 married Mable rose Greenwood in Battersea London, Mable Rose was born in Portsmouth 1914. john Kavanagh parents i belive were Edward Kavanagh and Mary Kenna??? any info please contact me.
Family Surnames: Kavanagh / Kenna / Maher / Ryan / Raleigh / Buckley / Noonan
John Donegan - (Charleville, Rath Luirc, - County Cork)
Born ca. 1808 in Charleville, Cork, Father - Robert. John emigrated to India where he died ca. 1859. Robert was born 1840 and married Caroline. They had a number of children, one of whom was William Valentine Donegan. If anybody can help fill in gaps then much appreciated.
donovan's of grancore - (Clonakilty - County Cork)
searching the families of Patrick Donovan and Margaret reilly, who's children - patrick greensleeves, timothy, mary, kathleen,bridget etc were born between 1830 and 1850. at least 3 of the children emigrated to queensland, australia, probably in theearly 1860's. names could be o'donovan, o'donavan,donovan, reilly, o'reilly, riley regards, yvonne
Family Surnames: Donovan/Reilly
Kirby - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
I am looking for Michael and Julia Kirby living in the Clonakilty area before 1850. They had 4 children, Margaret, Ann, Mary, Ellen and Jeremiah.
Family Surnames: Kirby
Uncle Dan O Driscoll - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
The only details I have are sketchy, my gran kathleen o driscoll, had him in clonakilty we think this was in pelletstown(1930s) but we arent sure,we knowshe was sent somewhere, all we know is he got in contact 15 or so years ago with my mum.For reasons we do understand my mum couldnt help much other than to tell him granny was a lovely kind woman.We know he died 3 years ago and is buried in Clonakilty. Also he worked for a farmer, He also died without family, we wish to try make this up, a place to go,!!! Please if you have any ideas help!
Family Surnames: O'driscoll
Harrington/Finn/Caton/Keating - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Looking for info re brother and sister John and Johanna Harrington born in Clonakilty in early 1850s. Their father was a Dennis/Denis Harrington.He was dead by 1877. Johanna married a Michael Finn also from Clonakilty before 1871. THey moved to London together with brother John and lived in Camberwell at the time of the 1871 census. In 1877 John Harrington married a Catherine Caton/Keating ( daughter of Timothy Caton/Keating also from Clonakilty I believe) in Camberwell. The Finns had at least 2 children James born 1880 appx and Johanna born about 1878.Johanna later married a Wren and they had several children. John and Catherine had several children, Timothy, Daniel, Dennis, Katherine , Ellen and William.
Family Surnames: Harrington/Finn/Caton/Keating
Parfrey, Kiely - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Looking for any info on the above families. Story starts with Frederick Parfrey moving to Cork in 1860's from Bristol area. Born Bridgwater in 1830's married Keziah Harper had lots of children. My grandfather Frederick parfrey married a Mary Kiely in 1938 in Clonakilty area.
Family Surnames: Parfrey, Kiely
HARRINGTON - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Denis Harrington married to Margaret White Children;- 1833 Honora Harrington 1836 Patrick " 1839 Johanna " 1842 Mary " 1844 Catherine " 1848 John " South Ring, Clonakilty
Minnie Mary Mahoney - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Searching any local family connection for my 2x Great-Grandmother, Minnie Mary Mahoney, born Clonakilty about 1852. Her father was John Mahoney, In 1871 Minnie was living in Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England, working as a domestic servant. In 1872 she married John Frost of Wolstanton. On her marriage certificate, her father John was recorded as working as a gardner, also resident in Wolstanton. I have been unable to find John Mahoney in the 1871 England census. I have found neither Minnie nor her father John in the 1861 England census. Any help would be much appreciated.
Family Surnames: Mahoney, Frost
DRISCOLL, COLLINS, KELLY - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Looking for William Driscoll born abt 1774, Clonakilty. In 1803 enlisted in Newfoundland Fencibles (Canada) married Eleanor Collins. Also his brother Patrick Driscoll born abt 1777 who enlisted in the Nova Scotia Fencibles (Canada) married Mary Kelly had children in St John's Newfoundland abt 1807. Both received land grants in Sherbrooke, New Ross, Nova Scotia, Canada
Family Surnames: Driscoll, Collins, Kelly
Hayes Family of Clonakilty - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
My Hayes' family dilemma also goes as follows: There were 4 Hayes brothers and their families that came to Quebec (from according to family lore Clonakilty County Cork)in the 1840-1847 time period. The John Hayes/ Mary O'Driscoll (Driscoll) family. Michael Hayes/Joanna Mullen family( my line). Thomas Hayes / Mary Purcell. William Hayes/ ? McCarthy. would like to know if these family names tie in with anyone?
Family Surnames: Hayes,Driscoll/O'driscoll,Mullen,Purcell, Mccarthy
Sullivan - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Looking for information about parents, other relatives, or contemporaries of Michael SULLIVAN, baptized Oct., 1, 1811 in Immaculate Conception Church, Clonakilty, County Cork. Michael was in Boston, Massachuesettes, USA by 1836 when he married Mary Galvin. They had the following children: John (b. Boston 1839), Dennis (1843), Julia (1847), Catherine (b. Jan 1850), Jeremiah or 'Jerry' (b. Mar 1851, married Mary Malone), Johanna (b. 1853, married Bartholomew/Batt Sweeney), Michael Jr. (1855), James (1858), & Timothy (1862). Michael had a brother John who was born around 1804, most likely in Clonakilty, as well. John Sullivan married a woman named Julia in IRE and had the following children: Patrick (1834), James (1836), Mary (1840), twins Kate & Hannah (1841) then seemingly moved to USA and had John Jr. (1844 in WI) who married a Margaret. Both brothers eventually moved west and settled and farmed land near Cedarburg, Ozaukee Co., Wisconsin.
Family Surnames: Sullivan, Galvin, Malone, Sweeney
Keating family - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Looking for details into the Keating family in Clonakilty. I have a James J. Keating, born abt. 1872 and immigrated to New York abt. 1892. had eight children with Annie Teehan. May have been cousins with the Hayes family as well. Any details would be appreciated!
Family Surnames: Keating, Hayes
CLEARY family of Carhuegarriffe - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
I am looking for any information on the above family. The parents were - Jeremiah Cleary and JOhanna Sexton. (Althouh conflicting data suggests Joan Leigh also). The children were Patrick born c1852, Batt born c 1854, John born c1856, Mary born c1859 & Ellen born c1862. Apparently Mary and Ellen both emigrated to Mass. in the USA (Arlington & Somerville). I have no info regarding the 2 remaining brothers - PJOhn & Batt. Would there be anyone out there who knows something about this Cleary family? I am desperate to find any information regarding them, especially a living relative. Patrick Cleary married a Mary Deasy from Butlerstown before emigrating to Australia in 1887. Their first child - Jeremiah - was born in Ballinluig. Any help would be very much appreciated. Jane
Family Surnames: Cleary, Deasy,
dellea - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
John Dellea born in Clonakilty, Cork circa 1878
Family Surnames: Dellea
O'Sullivan/Sullivan - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
My Grandfather was Daniel O'Sullivan baptised in Clonakilty at Immaculate Conception Church in 1859. His father was John and his mother Mary McCarthy.She died and John remarried a Margaret McCarthy.Their children were Mary c1857, Bridget c1863,Daniel 1859 and Honoria(Nora) 1866.I believe Mary McCarthy was from Kilgarriff. Hope someone can help..
Family Surnames: O'sullivan,Mccarthy
Cornelius O'Driscoll, Clonakilty mid 1800s - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Looking for information on Cornelius O'Driscoll, farmer, who had a son Jeremiah born ca 1876 in Clonakilty. Jeremiah married Julia Allen in Dublin in 1906. I believe they had a son Cornelius & a daughter before Julia & children emigrated to Canada. Any help gratefully received. Many thanks.
Family Surnames: O'driscoll
callnan mary - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
born in clonakilty 1885 father jeramiah a labourer,she married john edward hughes in1910 when she was working as house maid in manchester the lived in sheffield for a time before settling in thornaby on tees north yorks her husband died in 1929 she was left with 6 children she died in 1942 any information please
Family Surnames: Callnan
Collins from Clonakilty - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Am searching for info re my Grandparents John(Jack) Collins amd Cathrine Collins (nee O'Neill) He was a postman and they lived in Clarke Street next door to Cathrine's brother Michael O'Neill. John died in 1928 and Cathrine in 1933.John was the second son of Jeremiah Collins and Ellen Donovan and the lived in Fax Bridge. the eldest son was Jeremiah and he went to Leeds, he was a tailor. Cathrine's parents were John O'Neill(fisherman) and Mary O'Neill (Hayes) and they lived in one of a pair of single storey cottages by the harbour in Mill Cove.
Family Surnames: Collins, Hayes, O;Neill
Donovan/Mahoney - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
I am looking for information on an Elizabeth Donovan (nee Mahoney). She was bn 1789 and married a John Donovan prior to 1815. He was a shoemaker, but transported to New South Wales, Aust. in 1820. She may have followed in 1826, on the "Lady Rowena" or after. Her daughter Mary Ann Donovan emigrated to Sydney in 1835 aboard the "James Pattison". Elizabeth is said to have emigrated, but I can't find clear evidence except for a birth record for an Edward (listing Elizabeth as mother) in 1839. I would like to find her parents if possible, and possibly those of John.
Family Surnames: Donovan Mahoney
daniel fitzpatrick - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Looking for Daniel Fitzpatrick connection. He came to Boston in 1893. He married Nora Hennessy from Clonakilty. She had sisters Julia, Margaret and maybe a brother James. Any hope out there?
Family Surnames: Fitzpatrick
Hanglin/Hanglan/Anglin in Clonakilty? - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
I'm trying to find out where my great-great-grandfather, Thomas Hanglin, came from in Ireland. He was born between 1837-1841 and eventually emigrated to the States. On his marriage certificate in 1870 Jersey City, New Jersey, he lists his parents as Nicholas and Ellen Hanglan. I have found one entry in Griffith's that lists an Ellen Hanglan/Hanglin as leasing land in 1851. If this is Thomas's mother, perhaps his father died. One of the main difficulties is that the name is spelled so many different ways. Here in the States, I've seen it spelled in the same cemetery records four different ways! If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it.
Family Surnames: Hanglin, Hanglan, Anglin, Anglim, Haughlin
whelton - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
I am looking for any information on Bartholomew Whelton who was born in 1795. He married Johanna Hurley (birth 1798 in Kinsale). They immigrated to Canada in 1822. We have all the info from there to present but can not find any information from Ireland.
Family Surnames: Whelton Hurley
Collins, Coughlin - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Looking for information on Daniel Collins and wife Honora born in Clonakilty about 1811, known children were Mary b1835, Ellen c1837, Catherine c1841 , Patrick c1845 and Johanna, came to Cardiff S. Wales about 1853. Also Cornelius Coughlin (Coghlen) and wife Elizabeth (Betsy) and children John, Catherine and Timothy also in Cardiff about 1853
Family Surnames: Collins, Coughlin
Michael Sullivan 1831c/Johanna ? 1835c - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Looking any information on my Great-Great Grandfather MICHAEL SULLIVAN born 1831 cira from Cork. Only have information when he got to Carshalton, Surrey 1871 Census. Also any info regarding his wife JOHANNA, don't have a surname born 1835 cira, believe she came from Clonakilty. Kind Regards.
Family Surnames: Sullivan
Barrett/Wilson - (Clonakilty, Cloich na Coillte - County Cork)
Looking for information about the parents of Maria Barret t who was born in Clonakilty about 1830. She married Allen Wilson in 1849 and emigrated to Australia in 1857 with their only child, Charles. Her death cerificate lists her father as John and mother as Maria but no surname. Any information would be great!
Family Surnames: Barrett/Wilson
Bond and Punch families - (Cloyne, Cluain, and Parish - County Cork)
Harmer Bond, born 1748 in Cloyne, County Cork, married Isabella Day in 1774. Their child Amelia Harriet married John Punch. Amelia migrated to Australia in 1838 with her daughters and son in law Thomas Clancy. Any information appreciated.
Family Surnames: Bond, Day, Punch, Clancy
William O'Callaghan & Bridgett O'Neill - (Cloyne, Cluain, and Parish - County Cork)
Searching for information about William O'Callaghan, born Cloyne 1849. Left to join Royal Navy, returned to marry Bridgett O'Neill of Fermoy in (we think) Cloyne around 1872, had son James then returned to England and settled in Dover.
Family Surnames: O'callaghan, O'neill
Bond Family - (Cloyne, Cluain, and Parish - County Cork)
I am looking for any information on the Bond family of Cloyne. The main reason being the name Harmer Bond found on IGI. We have a Harmer Brabazon Bond Hardy in the family born in Barbados in 1857 to a Mary Elizabeth Bond and Robert Hardy. We know that Harmer Brabazon's father was living in Cobh, Co Cork in 1870, so there is an Irish connection. Any reply would be appreciated.
Family Surnames: Bond
shannon and woulfe - (Cloyne, Cluain, and Parish - County Cork)
Looking for any information on a william shannon and a mary woulfe who married in 1829 in cork in the parish of cloyne and ross. also any information on any sibblings,and if they emirgrated to the uk thanks ann
Family Surnames: Shannon
O' Driscoll Cornelius Cloyne Co.Cork - (Cloyne, Cluain, and Parish - County Cork)
Really need help on finding info on my great grandparents who lived in Rock Street, Cloyne. Their son was Cornelius O'Driscoll who married Jenny Curtin, they had a daughter Marie O'Driscoll (my mother) & a son Joe O'Driscoll. Sadly, Cornelius died at approx 28yrs old. Marie & Joe came to London approx 1958 & are now both buried back in St.Colemans Church in Cloyne. Any help would be most appreciated into the O'Driscoll family around 1901 or before. Thanks
Family Surnames: O'driscoll
Mahony/Good - (Coachford, Ath an Choiste - County Cork)
Looking for any information on Mary Anne Mahony who married Thomas Good in Coachford RC Chapel on 18 July 1868. Her place of residence is given as Coachford. His as Cloughroe. Her father was Denis Mahony. Thomas Good's father is also called Thomas.
Family Surnames: Mahony, Good
Barry, Bushnell - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
About 1835 Ann Maria Bushnell married John Barry in or about Clonmel parish. Anything about either of them would be like finding gold. Pat
Family Surnames: Barry, Bushnell
Mary Ellen Paul (nee Downing) - (Cobh - County Cork)
I am researching Mary Ellen Downing from the cork area. She married Charles Robert Hicks Paul around 1890-1910. Following marriage they moved to Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. Any help or information is appreciated.
Family Surnames: Downing, Paul
Driscoll - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
Looking for any relatives of Jeremiah Driscoll born Queenstown 1824 and married Catherine Crolly born 1820.Had connections with a Public house in Cork/Queenstown Harbour.Came to Wales mid 1840s and had a daughter Mary about 1844 who married Walter Norris 1865sh
Family Surnames: Driscoll Queenstown Norris
Cotter James - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
My father James Cotter born in Cobh 1908 had abrother Christopher and a sister Mary anyone know of this family? His father was in Royal Navy.
Carey Family Queenstown - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
John Carey m Ellen Oshea approx 1810. Children Mary(1812),John(1813), Michael(18??) Maurice(1819), Bridget(1832), Richard(1834). Have traced Mary, John, Maurice & Richard to Warrnambool Aust. Willing to share information
Family Surnames: Carey,Stafford, Connell,Selway,Kelly
Margaret Ann Hannan - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
Looking for info on Margaret Ann Hannan, supposedly born in/around Cork, Ireland in the 1859-1866 time frame. She came to the states sometime before 1880 and settled in Pennsylvania where she married a man by the name of Frank Anderson. Any info on her birth, parents, siblings, where she deported and what ship she sailed on to the states , etc. etc. would greatly be appreciated. Have hit a zillion brick walls and would love to know more about her. Did not know where else to post a question in my attempts to research her.
Family Surnames: Hannan, Anderson
St.Colman's Cobh - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
My Great Grandfather John Callaghan (anglisized in 1845 to Callahan when he joined the Royal Navy in Plymouth) was baptised in the original St.Coleman's in 1825.
Family Surnames: Callaghan & Callahan
Patrick Dymond - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
Am Looking for Patrick Dymond born 1859 in Queenstown. Came to USA around 1880 to Kentucky.
Family Surnames: Dymond
PALMER - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
looking for info on Palmer family chob kathleen born 18/7/1892 father was a ships pilot
Family Surnames: Palmer
LAMBERT - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
Looking for information on the family Lambert, who lived in this town circa 1826. I know of one son Alexander Methven LAMBERT, came to Australia around 1850
Family Surnames: Lambert
Shanahan - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
Seeking Info on Margaret Shanahan, born Queenstown(Cobh) 1850/1855 Married Denis Mccarthy (Coastguard)
Family Surnames: Shanahan , Mccarthy
Wynn - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
Cobh Island, Wynn family; Father, John Wynn, born Mallow, c.1834, a coastguard. Several daughters went to USA in about 1890; one came to England. Would like to know more re John's origins; possibly Welsh.
Family Surnames: Wynn (E)
MELLEPHANT - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
or any spelling variant. My gt grandmother Margaret MELLEFONT married James GARDINER in Queenstown on 23 Aug 1857 (have copy of marriage entry)(Margaret dau of John & Ellen MELEPHANT), James b cir 1836 s Michael; shoemakers). Had sister Sarah (m twice, 1st Murphy, 2nd Bransfield), brother Robert b 1830. Margaret & James had dau Frances b 1860 m as 2nd wife Wm Henry POCOCK of Haulbowline; moved to England 1900, dau Sarah Anne b 1864 m unknown, lived in S Africa many years, ended up in Isle of Wight; dau Rose, dob unknown, fate unknown & possibly one other child. John MELEPHANT lived in 4 Harbour View, died there 1865. Would like to find Ellen's maiden name, d & pob; John's d & pob; Frances Gardiner's birth entry in church record; name of Sarah Anne's husband; who did John MELEPHANT work for as gardener or Steward? Any information very gratefully received
Family Surnames: Melephant, Mellifont Etc, Gardiner, Pocock, Bransfield,
Hanlon/Kenway cobh - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
searching for great grandmother Hannah Hanlon who married George Kenway (soldier) and had 2 children Alice Mary and Alexander. Born circa 1882 and Had died by 1913 as George remarried. Lived in Middle Cottrells row. Probably married around 1900.
Roome, Bushnell - (Cobh, An Cobh, Queenstown - County Cork)
I am looking for even the tiniest, tiniest shred of information about William Roome and Catherine Cecelia Bushnell. They married on 13th February, 1827 at Cloyne Parish, Queenstown, Cork, Ireland.William was a ship's captain. Catherine's father was also a ship's captain. He settled in Halifax, Novia Scotia. Catherine was born in 1806 in Virginia (USA I think). ANYTHING you know would be so greatly appreciated. LizK
Family Surnames: Roome Bushnell
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